10% Discount Offer

To celebrate our partnership with ‘The Able Label’ there is a special 10% discount code for Kingsway Care Clients, valid until Easter Sunday. Simply enter our discount code, KINGS10, at the point of purchase. Browse the Able Label collection here. Or ask one of our Kingsway CareGivers to help you choose some practical and stylish new clothes for Spring.

Smart Clothing To Make Dressing Easier

Adaptive clothing can offer a range of ways to overcome a variety of dressing difficulties. It is often the smallest changes that make the biggest difference and discrete adaptations to clothes can transform lives, giving back confidence, providing dignity, and helping to maintain independence. 

The clothing range for both women and men has been designed to provide style without the struggle for either self or assisted dressing. 

Watch The Able Label’s video for top tips on easier dressing

You may qualify for 20% VAT exemption

Who is entitled to VAT exemption?
As per HMRC wording, “people with a disability, chronic or terminal illness” can be VAT exempt. Chronically sick means that you have an illness that is likely to last a long time and disabled means substantially and permanently handicapped by illness or injury. Some disabilities covered by this include arthritis, diabetes, lupus, angina, parkinson’s, stroke, dementia, fibromyalgia, MS and ME.

Don’t miss out on our special Kingsway Care 10% introductory offer valid until Easter Sunday, 4th March 2021. Visit The Able Label online store and use our code KINGS10.

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