Employing people from age 18 to 75+

Kingsway Care believe in diversity and inclusivity, employing people from all walks of life, gender, race, disability, and age. Eden is part of our team and brings a lifetime of valuable experience. How could we not employ this charming lady!

Meet Eden: experience, energy and empathy

The Benefits of An Age-Diverse Workforce

We recognize the benefits of a mixed-age workforce. Our CareGivers such as Dee and Eden demonstrate that you can enjoy working beyond middle-age. They also have a natural empathy caring for our older Clients.

Research also shows that when teams mix older and younger workers, productivity goes up and complex problems find more novel solutions because the strengths and weaknesses of both groups are balanced. Older workers can draw on valuable business experience and knowledge of their sector, whilst younger workers may challenge outdated strategies and bring fresh perspectives. 

Knowledge sharing is the number one benefit of an age-diverse workforce.

The Centre of Ageing Better says: 

“Older workers are an important part of a successful workforce with evidence that mixed-age teams are more productive in some tasks. Employers also benefit from retaining their most experienced people, reducing the risk they face of labour and skills shortages, and having a workplace that is fit for the future.

Enabling more people to be in fulfilling work for longer is a win-win for everyone – it also helps people who want to stay in work for longer and boosts the economy.”

Join the team

  • Kingsway Care naturally created an age positive culture and supports interaction across all ages.
  • We offer flexible working from a few hours a week to part-time and full-time.
  • We provide opportunities for people to develop their careers, regardless of age.
The Kingsway Care Team
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