Kerry & Martin bake a cake

If I’d known you were coming, I’d have baked a cake.

Baked a cake …

Kerry, Kingsway Care’s star baker, decided to share her skills and help Martin bake his first ever cake. She said “I had a three-hour visit planned so I took my magic mixer and all the ingredients round to Martin’s flat for an afternoon of fun”.

It took an hour to make the cake, half an hour to chill and half an hour to decorate. Kerry says,

“The joy of seeing him lick the spoon & the whisk was job satisfaction in itself!”

Martin confessed, “I’ve never used my kitchen that much ever!” Kerry called in to see Martin the next day for a cuppa and a slice of the chocolate cake and said it was delicious.

Martin was so proud of himself, he sent Kerry back to the Kingsway Care office with some slices to share with the other lucky CareGivers. Well, the cake was devoured in seconds!

The Secret Cake Recipe

I pressed Kerry to share the secret cake recipe so we can all have a go at making the chocolate cake. I was shocked that our star baker admitted to using a packet mix! But she said it was a really good one.

Just goes to show, with a little effort, we can all bake cakes and spread a little joy. Thanks for making care fun and imaginative for Kingsway Care Clients. We can’t wait to see what you do next, Kerry!

Chocolate Cake mix

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