Mr & Mrs M reunited
MR & Mrs M together again

Kingsway Care is so happy to have played a part in reuniting this lovely couple at home. Due to various circumstances, Mr M had a spell in hospital but had nobody to come and visit him except, Lisa, the Senior Care Manager at Kingsway Care.

Like my own Grandparents

I caught up with Lisa to find out more. She explained the couple have no children or family to help look after them. Lisa knew Mr & Mrs M as they were close friends of her nan and grandad. She could see they were struggling with shopping and cleaning so put a care plan in place and had been looking after them for eighteen months. She tells me, “After my own grandmother died, I took them under my wing and treated them like my own grandparents.”

Living in Separate Care Homes

After several weeks in Haywards Heath hospital, Mr M’s needs were assessed and he was transferred to a care home for rehabilitation. Meanwhile, his wife couldn’t cope alone at home without him and she was transferred to a different care home. She was upset that she may never see her husband again.

Lisa to the Rescue

Lisa moved mountains to get them both back home again. She had to do care assessments, liaise with social workers, schedule calls, organise District Nurse home visits, and transport for Mr M’s eventual return home. Kingsway Care also swiftly recruited more CareGivers to provide the extra support the couple needed to stay together at home.

Lisa says, “Since he’s been home, his mobility and well-being have improved dramatically. I was able to sort out which medications he required and he can now get himself ready for bed.”

The Emotional Reunion

“They kissed and cried, the Zimmer frame fell over and the walking sticks went flying!”

I’m speaking to Lisa just after she was able to organise the return home of Mrs M and witness the emotional reunion. We both have tears in our eyes as she says, “They kissed and cried, the Zimmer frame fell over and the walking sticks went flying!”

Both Mr & Mrs M had been separated for six weeks unable to speak to each other and not knowing if they would ever see each other again. Mr M said, “I feel like I’ve got my wife back after 30 years of marriage.”

Fish Supper Celebration

To celebrate their first night back together, Kingsway Care treated them to a delicious fish & chip supper which they thoroughly enjoyed.

With the support of Lisa and our CareGivers, Zoe and Isabel, we hope Mr & Mrs M can continue to live in their own home together. Well done Lisa and team, a fantastic job, well done!

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