Kingsway Care is super excited to hook up with Invisible Creations, designers of stylish home adaptations. Just like us, they are striving to help people live independently in their own homes for longer.

The attractive and discreet home adaptations are for people that need extra support with mobility and accessibility in their homes. But would rather not install the clinical white plastic grab rails that remind them of hospitals.

Invisible Creations stylish grab rails
Laura Woods, Co-founder of Invisible Creations was inspired by her house proud grandmother, Sheila, to develop more stylish grab rails.

Older people have been poorly served for too long with products that are stigmatising, clinical, and downright ugly. We’re here to end it. Our aim is to completely disrupt a market that fosters negative stereotypes and makes people feel vulnerable.

Invisible Creations

Grab Rails for the House Proud

Often after a fall or hospital stay, it is a requirement to fit adaptations to allow someone to go home. Grab rails are the simplest and most cost-effective product that can be installed. Even though grab rails increase a person’s mobility and reduce the risk of falls, some house proud people would rather not install them in their homes.

Invisible Creations realised that there was no alternative to the clinical white grab rails and set about designing more desirable ones. The discreet, dual-purpose grab rails are available in three beautiful finishes, anthracite, polished steel, and brushed steel. No white plastic in sight!

The Gift of Independence

Thanks to Invisible Creations, Kingsway Care have three stylish dual-purpose grab rails up for grabs! Our home maintenance team will even install them for free! This summer, our CareGivers will be nominating Kingsway Care Clients to receive one of the attractive and discreet home safety products. The lucky Clients will be handpicked in September.

The Plant Pot Holder

The Plant Pot holder was designed to help support you get in and out of your home, making the transition through the door so much easier. This product combines all of the support you need from a standard grab rail with a stylish decorative plant feature. It has the added advantage of not announcing that a vulnerable person lives inside.

Invisible Creations front door grab rail

The Toilet Roll Holder

The toilet roll holder dual-purpose grab rail is designed to keep you safe and steady when using the loo. We have both left and right-handed toilet roll holders to giveaway. Your bathroom doesn’t need to look like a disabled public loo!

Invisible Creations Toilet Roll holder grab rail

How to buy

Don’t worry if you’re not a Kingsway Care Client by September and don’t stand a chance of being nominated for a free stylish grab rail (including installation by our home maintenance team!). You can still view and purchase the full range of innovative home safety products online via the website

Invisible Creations® is producing attractive, dual-purpose, and discreet adaptations, strategically placed around the home to help reduce the decline in health and make daily life easier.

Collaboration with the Royal College of Art

Kingsway Care first got excited about Invisible Creations’ desirable inclusive designs when we read about their collaboration with the Royal College of Art. We can’t wait to see what stylish products they develop next for people that need extra support at home.

Get in touch

Please get in touch if you would like to become a Kingsway Care Client and enjoy our thoughtful, imaginative care at home. Tel 01273 077444 or

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