Katy at home

Kingsway Care’s Disability Champion

Katy is Kingsway Care’s Disability Champion and a Client living with Cerebral Palsy. She wanted to share this video of her walking for the first time in six years! This great personal achievement was made possible by receiving a new Meywalk walking frame – and Katy’s sheer determination. An excited Katy couldn’t wait to share her refound mobility with the Kingsway Care Team yesterday.

New MeyWalk Walking Frame

The new walker is tailored to suit her measurements and in this video, we can see the Symmetrikit engineer assessing the new frame. She says, “It is much better than my old walking frame because it is so much easier to get in it!”

I ask how can other people get hold of a Meywalk walking frame? She says “I was able to obtain the new walker after being assessed by a physiotherapist.” She beams, “I’m optimistic I will be able to find funding for it from various charities now I have proved I can still walk.”

Mobility – Use it or Lose it!

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Besides working on her mobility, Katy will also be organizing Kingsway Care activities to encourage other people with disabilities to realize their full potential. Boccia will be just one of the sports she will be organizing. After celebrating Team GB’s David Smith win a Gold medal in Boccia at the Paralympics this week, we are sure it will be very popular!

Nine Months Later

Katy walked to the car park! Well done Katy and thank you to Kingsway Caregivers for supporting her daily walking practice.

Katy Disability Champion walking

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