Katy & Jane Go Swimming

Katy, our Disability Champion, loves to go swimming and doesn’t let Cerebral Palsy stop her. Recently she has started swimming at the King Alfred Leisure Centre in Hove with the help of Dolphin’s Disabled Swimming Club. Kingsway Care CareGivers Jane and Dee went along last Tuesday to support Katy too.

King Alfred Leisure Centre, Hove

The disability swimming session started at 9.30am. Katy and our CareGivers, arrived in good time. Even though the disabled facilities weren’t advertised they were pleased to find a hoist in the disabled changing room. There was also a proper chair to aid safe entry and exit into the swimming pool too.

Jane has been a nurse for 47 years before joining Kingsway Care. She tells me she hadn’t worn a swimsuit for donkey’s years but took the plunge! She brought a choice of three slimming swimsuits along for the session.

Benefits of Swimming

Katy also hadn’t been swimming for a while but her Doctor recommended it to build more strength and mobility in her legs. This will help Katy’s ambition to walk again. Before entering the pool heavy weights were strapped to each leg to prevent them from floating up. Katy spent a good 30 minutes doing leg movements underwater.

As Jane says, the swimming sessions are great to build strength in the legs in a non-weight baring way. In addition to the swimming sessions, Jane also practices gentle up and down leg movements and leg massage during home care visits to help improve Katy’s mobility and ease her sciatica.

Swimming for the Elderly

Last Tuesday there were approximately 30 people enjoying the session. Katy says most of them were elderly and could walk with assistance into the pool. She was the only young disabled adult and wants to encourage more to come and discover the benefits of swimming.

Details for the Dolphin’s Disabled Swimming Club are below, if you or someone you know would like to join in the fun and exercise.

Dolphin’s Disabled Swimming Club

The Club was formed for people with physical disabilities and medical conditions that would benefit from hydrotherapy exercises or swimming. This includes people recovering from stroke, surgery, or accident, as well as many types of arthritis, MS, cerebral palsy and Parkinsons. To join the Club you need a recommendation from your Doctor.

The sessions comprise of 30 minutes group exercise conducted by a qualified physiotherapist, followed by 30 minutes of swimming. After the exercise session, the physiotherapist is able to offer one-to-one advice and assistance if required. 

There is exclusive use of the pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.30 am to 10.30 am. Members are encouraged to bring helpers if assistance is required with changing or in and around the pool. Helpers when needed may attend free of charge.

Contact Kingsway Care

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