Meet Tracey: Head of Client Liaison

From Age UK to Kingsway Care

My name is Tracey and as Head of Client Liaison, I ensure Kingsway Care Clients are happy with our service. I check in regularly with Clients so that any issues can be addressed swiftly.

Age UK

Before Kingsway Care, I worked in nursing homes and then the local Brighton & Hove Age UK office for many happy years. I asked Kingsway Care for a job after witnessing how their fun and flexible approach to care was making a positive difference to Age UK’s emergency elderly care Clients last Christmas.

Christmas Lockdown 2020

There weren’t enough carers to visit every lonely Age UK Client on Christmas Day but Kingsway Care stepped up and spread their festive cheer.

Due to covid restrictions, many Age UK Clients were shielding and spent Christmas alone without any delicious foods in their fridges or cupboards. I was so grateful that the Kingsway Care team gave up their Christmas weekend to support the most vulnerable in our community.

Part-time Work

“I believe if you care well for a Client, you will get back as much as you give. If you could bottle that feeling, everyone would want to work in Care.”

After 27 years working for Age UK, I was ready to be a lady of leisure and spend time walking my dogs, playing badminton and socialising. But now I work part-time, 24 hours a week for Kingsway Care. I doubt I would still be working if I hadn’t met Kingsway Care. I picked up a warmth in the founder, Olly and the effort to understand what Clients really need. The company has a big heart and a team spirit that I love.

Listening to Kingsway Care Clients

The team works hard not to get any complaints and we take care to match Clients with CareGivers with similar interests and outlooks. My role is to address any queries or concerns Clients may have. We are always open to hearing feedback and making changes if required. Our CareGivers receive extensive training and we are always keen to learn and provide additional training on a given topic, such as a new piece of hoisting equipment.

Enabling Independent Living

Whilst everything is risk assessed we will explore every angle to help a Client improve their quality of life. We encourage Clients to do more for themselves and at their own pace. To build on their independence, It’s such a joy to see the visible improvements. As an example, we support one Client that sustained life-changing injuries. It is incredibly inspiring to see how motivated they are to regain their independence.

We help Clients by making them feel that receiving care is a natural course for them to regain independence. By noting and focusing on their achievements, we can celebrate their progress.

Yellow Angels

Yellow is my favourite colour and I’m so proud to wear our beautiful yellow tops. I often see other CareGivers and want to tell them to “come and be yellow!” I enjoy helping Clients, the supportive Kingsway Care structure and adore the office location on Hove Seafront. I believe if you care well for Clients, you will get back as much as you give. If you could bottle that feeling, everyone would want to work in Care.

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