Dynamic Arm Splints for Cerebral Palsy

Today, Katy, our Disability Champion, shares her experience of ‘Second Skin’ splints and how they have helped her live with Cerebral Palsy for many years.

Katy, Kingsway Care's disability champion, shares her experience living with Cerebral Palsy and why she wears dynamic 'Second Skin' Splints to prevent her limbs curling.

Photos of Katy being fitted for her Second Skins at the London clinic

Katy says the ‘Second Skins’ help her posture and are much better than the body braces that are usually provided by the NHS. Fortunately, her mum researched alternatives and found ‘Second Skins’ when Katy was 12 years old.

How to get Second Skins

Second Skins are expensive and you will need to fight for funding by asking your Doctor for a recommendation. Katy’s dynamic splints cost £5000 per year. She wears a dynamic arm and hand splint on both arms and hands, six days a week for 10 hours a day. Once a week, the splints are hand washed and hung out to dry. Katy admits that sometimes they can be too hot to wear in the summer but otherwise she wouldn’t want to be without them.

The Second Skins improve the resting and working posture of the upper arm, elbow and forearm and hands. Without the Second Skins, Katy’s arms and hands would curl up. Although she still has no hand control to feed herself she likes that she can still feel some control by pushing up the feeding bowl when she is being fed.

Katy’s Advice to Start Young

Katy’s advice to other people living with cerebral palsy is to start wearing them as young as possible at 2 – 3 years of age. The Second Skins last a year before they lose their elasticity and need to be replaced. Katy goes to the Second Skin clinic in London to get measured and her new Second Skins are delivered six weeks later.

Keep Moving & Physio

To further improve her comfort and mobility, Katy recommends we should all visit a physio periodically to help resolve and aches and pains regardless of age or ability. In the video below we can see Kingsway CareGiver, Rebecca supporting Katy to do the exercised recommended by after a session at Hove Physio.


Kingsway CareGiver, Rebecca, supports our Client Katy with physio. Katy lives with Cerebral Palsy in Brighton & Hove. She is also Kingsway Care’s Disability Champion. She wanted to share how important it is to keep stretching if you’re disabled or just getting older. Keep moving! cerebralpalsy physio disabilitypositive #dynamicskinsplints #carefordisabled #caregivertiktok #disabilitychampion

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About Second Skin Splints

Second Skin is the leader in design, manufacture and service delivery of custom made medical compression garments and dynamic splints. Although an Australian company, there are several Second Skin clinics throughout the UK.


Please note, Kingsway Care is not affiliated with Second Skin in any way.

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