Promoting choice and independence for young disabled adults.

Keep Flexing Your Muscles

Katy, our Disability Champion, is sharing an important message for all young disabled adults. “Keep flexing your muscles and fighting for independence, it’s the best way to be!”

Katy pushes herself every day to keep moving. Her aim is to find ways to improve her independence despite living with Cerebral Palsy and needing 24 hour care.

She has fought for funding and her own flat so that she has control over how she lives her life. Her advice to other disabled young adults is to keep going. Don’t settle for living with mum and dad forever or going into a care home.

Aquatic Therapy Sessions for the Disabled

Katy’s mission to improve her own mobility and independence includes weekly Aquatic Therapy sessions. She started with six sessions and proved that they were making an amazing difference to the strength in her arms, legs and whole body. She hopes the £80 fee per weekly session will come out of funding.

She admits she feels sore after each session but says you have to put the work in if you want to achieve any improvement.

In the video, you can see Jo, from, a specialist in Aquatic therapy in Worthing (formerly known as hydrotherapy). She says there are multiple benefits to be gained from Aquatic Therapy sessions.

Aquatic Therapy Benefits

  • Better sleep
  • Pain reduction
  • Learning new functional skills
  • Strengthening through resistance
  • Improving ranges of movement
  • Improved balance
  • Increasing the potential for movement
  • Relaxation and promoting well-being
  • Enjoyment!

Katy suggests asking your GP to recommend aquatic therapy sessions and then see if funding can be approved to help with the cost.

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Katy and Kingsway Care’s Eden having fun during the Aquatic Therapy Session

Our CareGiver, Eden, hadn’t been in a swimming pool for at least 30 years but enjoyed supporting Katy during the Aquatic Therapy Session as much as Katy did.

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