Christmas Day Party

Come and see how much fun we had creating a special Christmas Day party for Kingsway Care Clients. Even though Omicron was on the rise, we didn’t want to cancel the event and have Clients spending Christmas Day alone. So we went ahead with strict covid safety measures and testing on the day.

Olly, the Managing Director, and his team of helpers were up early to prepare a complimentary feast for twenty people. More than enough for our Clients and the Kingsway Care team that joined us for an afternoon of fun.

  • Complimentary feast
  • Fun & games
  • Sing-a-long
  • Love & laughter
  • Leftovers for days!

Thanks for Caring

A HUGE thanks go to our talented Kingsway Care team, Jonathan, (finalist of Care’s Got Talent) for singing Christmas tunes, Darren for being the festive quiz master and for Vicky, Tilly, and Katy for being cooks and social hosts.

Jonathan said, “What a lovely way to spend a Christmas afternoon. I really enjoyed singing today. Thank you to Olly and to everyone that made it possible.”

Darren added, “It was the first time I’ve done Christmas Day since my mum and dad passed. Thank you for a great day.”

Social Opportunities

Katy, our social queen and Disability Champion, managed to feature in nearly every photo and loved the opportunity to meet other Kingsway Care Clients. Katy remembers last Christmas being stuck in her flat with her live-in carer and no visitors because of Covid. “This year has been amazing for everyone here.” she beamed.

And of course, we’re truly thankful to the Kingsway CareGivers that have been supporting Clients in their homes this festive season. As well as our CareGivers taking a well-deserved break with their families. You’re all wonderful.

Socials at Kingsway Coffee

Olly said, “This is just the first of many events we want to do at Kingsway Coffee, Hove, to bring Clients, CareGivers and the local community together. We are primarily a home care provider but we thoroughly enjoy having fun with our Clients too!”

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