Meet Lucy: Ensuring Care Excellence

Kingsway Care Field Care Supervisor

Our Amazing Field Care Supervisor

Today, I’m talking to Lucy, our Field Care Supervisor. She brings more than 25 years of experience to the Kingsway Care team. Let’s find out why she chose a career in care and how her Field Care Supervisor role ensures we provide excellence in care.

What does a Field Care Supervisor do?

Lucy says, “I love to share my passion for care excellence and provide support and guidance to our CareGivers. I meet CareGivers during their induction and devise lively Kingsway Care Academy training sessions.”

She continues, “Every three months, I also carry out assessments for each CareGiver during their care visits. I find this is the best way to provide friendly support, guidance, and encouragement. All of our CareGivers understand the high standards of professionalism that are expected and I can identify any gaps in training.”

Experienced in Care Excellence

Lucy always knew she wanted to work in care after spending many hours after school looking after her own Grandmother, Father, and Mother. She initially wanted to be a nurse and started her career in a nursing home in Brighton.

She then went on to work for West Sussex County Council for 25 years as a care manager within mental health services. One of her roles was to visit Clients with dementia that didn’t want to accept care. She was trained how to assess the mental capacity of Clients with tact and sensitivity and involve them in their care choices.

Lucy’s years of experience working for the council also comes in very handy when we need to coordinate with other social care networks in the community. She knows who to contact and how to get things done!

After working for the Local Authority she went on to be a Deputy Manager of a mental health rehabilitation unit and then switched to training care staff for residential and nursing care homes.

Joining Kingsway Care

Lucy’s Field Care Supervisor role was created to play to her enthusiasm for passing on her skills to ensure Kingsway CareGivers consistently provide excellence in care. She is a qualified Care Certificate Assessor and Trainer in Manual Handling and Medication as well as an expert in mental health issues.

Lively Training Sessions

Lucy explains that people learn in different ways so she likes to mix up her training sessions to keep everyone interested. Some people prefer learning on the job, others need to read all the information, whilst some are visual learners that prefer watching training videos.

This week, she tells me, she has been training a group of eight CareGivers. Some are on the KickStart scheme and new to care whilst others have more experience. I can see she positively enjoys supporting every student to become a confident and happy CareGiver.

Lucy’s practical training sessions take place at Kingsway Care’s Office in Hove or on the job with CareGivers during their home care visits.

Enthusiastic & Spontaneous

Lucy remembers that during her years working with West Sussex County Council she always signed up for one particular trainer because they were fun, dynamic, enthusiastic, and spontaneous. She says, “I hope I bring these qualities to Kingsway Care training sessions too.”

Why Is Kingsway Care Different?

“I love being part of the Kingsway Care team. We are a very generous and social care agency. Besides ticking off the care at home tasks, we also enjoy spending quality time with Clients.

Kingsway Coffee has provided the perfect environment for both Clients and CareGivers to meet in a warm and welcoming space – and it’s just next door to the Kingsway Care Office.”

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