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Thank you for this guest blog by our friend, Lori Pinkerton-Rolet  PPBIID, RegID, IIDA, Founder of ThirdAge.Design and an Interior Designer specialising in sharing best design practices for senior living environments.

Find out how we met, download their Home Safety Checklist, and visit the ThirdAge.Design website to learn how practical design choices can enable independent living in later life.

Lori portrait
Lori Pinkerton-Rolet, Founder of ThirdAge.Design

When ThirdAge.Design met Kingsway Care

Sometimes life throws up interesting coincidences. My introduction to Hove-based Kingsway Care was at our shared table at the Leaders in Care Awards in Birmingham last October. 

Kingsway Care’s Managing Director, Olly Carter, would go on to win Care Executive of the Year that evening and my company, ThirdAge.Design, was sponsoring the Best Care Design Award, which was won by BUPA Richmond.  It turns out we are based quite literally around the corner from the Kingsway Care office and its delightful coffee shop in Hove!

Third Age Design Logo

More interesting is the synergy between Kingsway Care and TAD (as we’re called for short). ThirdAge.Design is a podcast and international website devoted to sharing information to improve senior environments. 

We conduct global research on initiatives that are really making a difference and share these in a free half-hour monthly podcast available on Google Podcasts, Spotify, or through our own website at www.thirdage.design. We have listeners in 11 countries and on 4 continents and you may be interested in joining them. 

Senior Home Safety Checklist

Like Kingsway Care, ThirdAge.Design works to provide support where it’s needed, and we hope you’ll find this Senior Home Safety Checklist helpful.              

TAD Podcasts

You can listen to Olly Carter, Managing Director of Kingsway Care, talking to Lori at the Care Show in the first Podcast link below for the ‘Future of Care for Dementia and an Ageing Population’. At around the 4-minute mark, he talks about winning the Leaders in Care Award and how new technologies will reduce loneliness and encourage independence in later life.

TEDx Brighton

If you are interested in how we age and what’s in store for you, Lori’s TEDx Brighton talk below discusses one aspect – how we experience colour differently throughout the course of our lives. Understanding how we see colour differently in later life can help design age-friendly spaces to support independent living.

Kingsway Care Home Safety Assessments

Did you know that Kingsway Care provide Home Safety Assessments for Clients if they choose us to provide home care services? Families find the recommendations helpful and reassuring that we have the Client’s best interests at heart.

Contact Us

If you or a loved one need support to ‘age in place’ at home, please call our friendly team for a chat on 01274 07744 or email info@kingswaycare.com. Kingsway Care is here to support you.

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