Meet Denise: A ball of energy & fun!

Happy Kingsway Care Client and CareGiver

Why Denise Loves Working in Care

You’ll see Denise popping up on our website and social media after she brought her natural cheery charm to a lunchtime photoshoot we did last year. As you can see, Kingsway Care Clients adore her. Let’s find out more about Denise, where she gets her energy from and why she loves working in care.

What attracted you to working in Care?

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a nurse. I was fascinated by hospitals and would eagerly visit anyone just to watch the comings and goings at A&E.

Previous Care Experience

After school I worked at an American Corporation in Brighton for just over 20 years. Then I joined Age UK as a CareGiver and went on to be their Crisis Coordinator until I was made redundant. Then I worked privately as a PA for a lady with complex disabilities until the Covid lockdown.

After that, I was a receptionist at a GP Surgery, which I initially thought would broaden my knowledge of Care but quickly realised I was more suited to community care.

Why did you join Kingsway Care?

Fortunately a colleague from Age UK invited me to apply for Kingsway Care and the rest is history! I joined as a Client Liaison Manager working three days a week and now I’m a Client Coordinator working four days a week. This suits me and allows me to get away for short breaks. For example, I just got back from a long weekend in Madeira which is where my husband is from.

Denise dancing in the office
Denise dancing around our very yellow office

What Does A Client Coordinator do?

I deal mainly with the Client side of the business. The main challenges I receive are around medication and dealing with GP surgeries. Clients often hate being in a queue to talk to a GP receptionist, to be told they can only have a telephone consultation. They would rather not report the illness or request new medicine. I like to step in and resolve these issues for them and keep our Clients safe and healthy.

I also spend a lot more time out and about visiting Clients to check on their welfare, see if they have any concerns about their visits, the timings or CareGivers. There are a couple of Client’s in my area of Henfield that I do care visits for each week too.

What is a typical working day like?

HaHa! No two days are the same! I start the day full of beans and arrive at work to sort out any Client problems. One Client could have had a fall, another may be ready to be discharged from hospital, someone else might need a new prescription or a relative may want to discuss something.

I have to think quickly and solve issues as they arise. I am a hyper ball of energy and love the fast-pace! But admit by 4pm I may need a chocolate fix to keep me going!

Career Progression

I’ve been used to working alongside the NHS or council funded schemes. With Kingsway Care, I’m learning a lot more about Private Care and I’m enjoying taking on Client reviews and assessments.

Work / Life Balance

The hours I currently work suit my work life pattern as I am part of a family of six, one husband, three children and the dog! Besides taking long weekend breaks, I love to keep fit and find it helps alievate my arthritic menopause symptoms! Last year, I proudly completed the Brighton 10k.

Recently I’ve also got into sea swimming which I can even do during my lunch break because the Kingsway Care office is so close to Hove Seafront. The feeling of euphoria afterward is amazing!

I can even go sea swimming during my lunch break. Kingsway Care’s office is so close to Hove Seafront.

Denise modelling her DryRobe in the office!

Any advice for people wanting to work in Care?

It’s the most rewarding job in the world! I spent 20 years in the corporate world and nobody appreciated all my hard work. If you have a passion for helping people, putting a smile on their faces and making people laugh, come and work for Kingsway Care!

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