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Care at Home for Couples

Choosing to have care at home can be an ideal solution to help you grow old together in your own home. One partner may need more support than the other due to an accident, disability, illness or their genes ageing faster. Or you may both need a little extra support with shopping, meal preparation, keeping on top of the housework and those weeds in the garden. It is often cheaper to pay for support as and when you need it, rather than move into a residential care home.

Growing Old Together

By staying in your own home you can maintain your independence and stay in control of your daily routines. Kingsway Care can support you on your ageing journey together and tweak the amount of care provided as necessary. Our goal is to help you both remain as independent as possible and only step in to help with the things you are finding more difficult.

Caring for Your Partner

As life circumstances change and we age differently, you could find yourself becoming a primary carer for your partner. This can feel frustrating and sometimes you just wish you could have a break to do something for yourself. Kingsway Care offer respite care if you need an hour or two or longer break to recharge your own batteries.


Coping with the loss of a partner can feel like the end of the world. Besides going through the grieving process, you’ll realise there are some things your partner alway used to do and you don’t know how to do them. Finances and technology could be baffling. Working out how to cook or remembering which medications to take when. Or perhaps you have lost the confidence to drive or go out and socialise.

Our big-hearted CareGivers are here to support you to live independently, brighten up your day and help you carry on doing things you enjoy.

Kingsway Care Clients

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