Meet Issy: A Fantastic CareGiver

Issy our fantastic CareGiver

How to be a fantastic CareGiver

I help Clients by giving them a hand with things they find difficult, a friendly face, and a listening ear.

Issy joined Kingsway Care in April 2021 and is a fantastic CareGiver. Trustworthy, friendly, compassionate, and conscientious. She works with the same Clients every week forming incredible bonds. As well as ensuring the wellbeing of her Clients, she goes above and beyond to ensure that the families of her Clients are well taken care of too.

Issy recently gained her Care Certificate whilst working with us and both Olly, our Managing Director, and Lucy, our Head of Training & Development, recognised the achievement. Let’s find out more about Issy.

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1. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I wanted to be an astronaut and then an actress.

2. What did you do before joining Kingsway Care?

When I graduated from University with a BA Honours in Theatre Arts, I was a waitress for a while. My boyfriend at the time had a sister with learning difficulties and I enjoyed spending time with her. I spotted a job opportunity with Mencap and thought, ‘I can do that!”

I worked with Mencap for 10 years, mainly at a college teaching Drama to teenagers with learning disabilities. I also worked in the care industry for 15 years with an agency.

3. Why did you decide to join Kingsway Care?

They were offering flexible hours. I have two young sons and need my work to fit around their needs.

4. Do you work full-time / part-time / contract?

I work part-time 

5. How does the work fit in with your lifestyle?

I’d like to work more hours but my priority is always my children. It can be frustrating as I need to wait for my partner to get home from work to look after the kids before I can do my evening Care visits.

6. Do you have a Care Certificate / any other qualifications?

I have an NVQ3 in Health and Social care, a BA Honours in Theatre Arts and a PGCE (teacher training).

I also recently earned the Care Certificate whilst working with Kingsway Care. It was relatively easy as Kingsway Care are very understanding about my limitations around family life and free time, etc.

It is a 12 week course but I took a little longer than that. I did the online training for each section which you read through, then answer relevant questions. Lucy, Head of Training & Development, then comes to assess you out in the field. As the team are so supportive and understanding, I found the certificate very achievable.

8. What is a typical day like?

Hectic! Currently, I work Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings. Occasionally I’ll work on a Sunday too to cover other CareGivers sickness or holidays.

Wednesday is the busiest day as I work both the morning and evening. I drop my son off at nursery, then my other son at school, then I go to work visiting Clients in their homes.

At lunchtime I collect my son from nursery and we have lunch and then he has a sleep… sometimes! I then pick up my other son from school and make dinner. When my partner gets home, I leave to do my evening care calls and get home around 10.30pm.

9. What challenges do your Clients’ have and how do you help them?

I see a range of Clients with a variety of needs, some with dementia, some are visually impaired, some have diabetes, some have weight issues or mobility problems and some have skin problems. I help them by giving them a hand with things they find difficult, a friendly face, and a listening ear. These things ensure they can remain in their own home.

10. What do you enjoy about the job?

I love the Clients, I have formed good rapports with everyone over the last year and genuinely enjoy visiting them. I also enjoy having a bit of my independence back, especially after the last few years.

11. Anything else you would like to say about working for Kingsway Care?

The staff and Clients are friendly. I feel really listened to and valued. As an example, my evening route was changed and I got a little stressed. I’m not good with change and like to know exactly where to park my car, where the Client’s home is, and how to enter their house.

When I got home, I wrote an email and within minutes, Olly, the Managing Director replied and solved all my problems, and agreed to change my route. In other agencies, I would never expect a reply, let alone a solution. I was really impressed. I now mainly work in the areas I know which are Peacehaven and Saltdean plus Brighton and Hove.

12. Any advice for someone that would like to become a CareGiver?

It’s a great job that can fit around your family commitments. The job satisfaction is incredible, knowing that you have made someone’s day. I know people worry that they wouldn’t be able to do the personal care side but that is such a tiny part of the job. It’s important to put the Client at ease and treat them with dignity and respect. Just imagine how you would like your mum or dad or yourself to be treated when you need help!

We’re Hiring CareGivers

Kingsway Care is always looking for more fantastic CareGivers like Issy in the areas below. Please check our current list of vacancies to see if there is something to suit you.

  • Brighton & Hove
  • Worthing & Lancing
  • Saltdean & Peacehaven
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If you would like to join Kingsway Care, please visit our careers section to find out more about our supportive work culture and generous perks. You can also fill in the application form or email We look forward to hearing from you!

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