Amy CareGiver

Client Testimonials Initiative

Today, I’m talking to Amy because she came up with a brilliant Client testimonials initiative to engage with Clients and help raise Kingsway Care’s awareness in the local community.

What do you like about Kingsway Care?

Amy lives in Worthing and wanted to do her bit to increase the number of Clients close to where she lives. She came up with the idea to ask Clients for their testimonials and then write them on wipe boards and photograph them. She wrote “What do you like about Kingsway Care?” and even drew the company logo by hand onto a wipe board and then added the Client responses underneath.

Client photos & testimonials

Amy managed to take 10 delightful photos of our Clients holding up their testimonials and then sent them to Olly, the Managing Director as a surprise. Reading the messages and seeing the joy on the Clients’ faces brought tears to our eyes. The notes reminded us why we chose to work in care and how much our visits mean to the Clients.

They are lovely, very kind and helpful. I enjoy spending time with the CareGivers.

I asked Amy how she approached Clients and what their responses were. She said, “I asked them if they could help with a little project and explained what I wanted to do.” She continues, “some Clients knew immediately what to say and some others needed a little help. I would explain the job we (CareGivers) do and how we support them to get up or make lunch and generally have fun with them.”

Respecting Client Privacy

We would love to share more of Amy’s photos but fully respect our Clients’ privacy and will be seeking their written consent before we do. But we just couldn’t wait to share what a brilliant initiative this young CareGiver came up with and find out more about Amy.

Community Spirit

Amy loves working in her local community and has already been volunteering for years at Storm in Worthing. She has been attending the community space since she was five years old and is now a very active volunteer as Leader of the Children’s Club. She teaches dance to young kids and helps the Church behind the scenes with music and photography.

Work Experience

Growing up, Amy admits she kept changing her mind about what she wanted to do. From hairdresser or beautician to dancer or nursery school teacher. She has tried them all, along with bar and retail work. Then she began working for a Care Agency and despite working 60 hours a week she found the work incredibly rewarding. Reflecting on her work experience to date she notes that “working with people has been the common thread.”

Full-time CareGiver at Kingsway Care

Amy only joined Kingsway Care two months ago and admits, “It was the best decision of my life! I work on average 35 hours a week and feel really valued and appreciated. I haven’t changed how I work but the office team is really supportive and recognises that I’m doing a good job. After sharing my Client testimonials project, the management invited me to attend the Home Care Awards with them in April, I’m so excited! I can’t wait to do their hair and make-up for the event too!”

Amy’s Care Tips

“I love doing the hair and make-up for our female Clients and giving them a spritz of perfume.’ It’s nice to make Clients feel good. For the men, she laughs, “The path to a man’s heart is through his stomach!” When I’m preparing food, I always make sure it’s beautifully presented.” Her advice for anyone considering Care as a Career? “Just do it!”

TikTok Queen

Amy created a TikTok to record our award-winning day at the Home Care Awards (which you can view on the link below). We quickly spotted her passion for TikTok and now support her with time out in her schedule to record and edit videos. Amy posts a TikTok every Sunday and Wednesday to show what her life as a CareGiver is really like. Why not go and take a look at Kingsway Care’s TikToks?

Careers at Kingsway Care

Kingsway Care is always looking for more big-hearted CareGivers like Amy. If you’ve been inspired, then please visit our careers section, fill in the application form or email Our current list of opportunities can be viewed on the button below.

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