Latest Breakthroughs in Dementia Research

Brighton Brain Bus

Kingsway Care love this brilliant local community project to promote brain health and share the latest breakthroughs in Dementia research. The University of Sussex has joined forces with Brighton & Hove Buses, Alzheimers Research UK, and the Brighton artist, Daniel Locke. The aim is to design graphics for a Brighton & Hove bus to raise dementia awareness and the steps you can take to prevent it.

Brighton Brain Bus Poster

In addition, the local community is being engaged in the project through creative workshops. The first Brighton Brain Bus workshop already took place on 4th March. Locals were invited to express their feelings about dementia and exchange ideas with the research team from Sussex University and the artist, Daniel Locke.

Brighton Brain Bus Sarah King

It will be amazing to use the bus as a canvas to talk about the research we’re doing and to motivate people to keep their brains in good shape

Dr. Sarah King, University of Sussex

Dr. Sarah King, Reader in Behavioural Neuroscience at the University of Sussex School of Psychology, (and brains behind the project) said, “It will be amazing to use the bus as a canvas to talk about the research we’re doing and to motivate people to keep their brains in good shape. The Big Brain Bus exhibition on wheels will be a great way to spread the word throughout the city. I can’t wait to get started on the project and see what we come up with in the workshops.

Three tips to keep your brain healthy

We picked Dr Sarah King’s brains to see if she could give us a few quick tips on how to keep our brains healthy. Here’s what she said.

Three tips for good brain health

We require loads of energy to keep our brains in good shape. Energy is needed to maintain our nerve cells in an active state, ready to fire off signals when needed. Making sure the brain has a good energy supply, e.g. lots of oxygen, is really important. An easy way to remember this is ‘what is good for the heart is good for the brain’. Let’s keep our blood flowing! The first two tips relate to this – keep active and eat healthily. Small changes can make a big difference.

No 1. Keep Active

When walking to the local shop or the bus stop, up your pace a bit, try to walk a little bit faster, and/or make phone calls while walking around rather than sitting.

No 2. Eat Healthily

Start making small improvements to your diet, e.g. swap white bread for brown bread, or add a bit more fruit and veg to your meals.

No 3. Social Networks

Keep up with your social networks, stay in contact with your friends and family.  Social isolation is a big risk factor for poor brain health, so anything you can do to reverse some of the isolation you may have faced through the pandemic is good. Reconnect with friends and family.  Come to one of the Brighton Brain Bus workshops! They can be the stepping stone to getting out and about again!

Big Brain Bus Workshops

Anyone who lives or works in Brighton & Hove or the surrounding areas is welcome to attend the workshops. To take part, or for more information on venues and dates, follow them on Facebook, or read more about the project on the University of Sussex website.

Kingsway Care whole-heartedly support this exciting project and hope to host a Brighton Brain Bus workshop in our community hub, Kingsway Coffee soon. Watch this space!

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