Kingsway Coffee sunshine

Warm, welcoming & accessible space

Today we’re catching up with Scott, the manager of Kingsway Coffee to see how it’s going. Over to you Scott.

“So it’s been nearly five months since we opened the doors to Kingsway Coffee in Hove. It has been an unbelievable experience for us all. We were unaware of how we would be received by the local community, but hoped, by offering a safe, warm and welcoming space, that people would embrace this new coffee shop in their neighbourhood. And this has been the case, and SOOOOO much more!”

dog friendly

Did you know?

The Kingsway Care office is just next door

we’re accessible

wheelchair friendly

people friendly

dog friendly

and open daily.

Meet, chat, drink, eat

We always wanted Kingsway Coffee to be somewhere for people to meet, chat, drink, eat, and most of all, feel comfortable, whether they were coming alone, or for a catch-up with friends. I’d like to think we have ticked that box after witnessing the warmth we get from you all on a daily basis in kind words and laughter.

Amazing Coffee

Kingsway Coffee to go

Another box we wanted to tick, was to be able provide good coffee. We spent a long time searching, and eventually chose an organic blend from the wonderful guys at TradingPost – and it is MORE than good – it’s AMAZING coffee!

That, along with a delicious selection of fresh sandwiches, quiches, cakes, biscuits, muffins and other delicious treats, makes us very proud of how far we have come. We have so many exciting things lined up for the coming months, and we can’t wait to share them with you all.

Kingsway Care yellow angels

It goes without saying, we love having Kingsway Care next door and seeing the wonderful CareGivers and Kingsway Care Clients every day. Come and say hello!


We’re sorry to announce that, reluctantly, Kingsway Coffee will be closing on 17th July 2023.

The honest truth is that we are being squeezed by inflation busting & unsustainable cost increases from every direction (food, suppliers, electricity, business rates, insurance, commercial waste & more), combined with slightly lower customer spending. We all know that it’s a tough economy right now, especially for the retail & hospitality sector, so we have decided to focus exclusively on our award-winning and rapidly growing Kingsway Care community organisation. The Kingsway Care office will remain open and accessible at 22 Victoria Terrace, Kingsway, Hove.

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to our incredible team of baristas and amazingly loyal customers. Please come and support us as WE ARE OPEN UNTIL 17TH JULY serving a full range of amazing food & drinks with big smiles. Plus you’re all invited to our customer farewell party on 17th July, with more information to follow.

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