Happy Birthday Cake for Bernard

Happy Birthday Bernard

Did you know we celebrate every Kingsway Care Client birthday and our CareGiver birthdays too? Denise, our Client Coordinator, popped round to see Bernard on his special day and he recorded the joyous video below for everyone at Kingsway Care.

Clients Love Kingsway Care

Later, he was still smiling and phoned the Kingsway Care office to praise everyone. He wanted to say thank you for his chocolates and how much he loves Denise, Harriett, and Olly. He said to Vic, our office manager. “how much he enjoyed Denise taking him out for dinner and to the football with her family.”

He commented that Kingsway Care is more like friendship or family to him. Lastly, he said that Olly has a wonderful vision when it comes to Home Care. Well, we love you too Bernard!

When Denise Met Bernard

You’ll see from the photos of Bernard and Denise peppering Kingwaycare.com and our social media channels that they have a special bond. We asked Denise to say a few words about Bernard.

Denise, Client Coordinator

About Bernard

Bernard is such a natural whenever there is a camera around, we wondered if he used to be an actor or model. He didn’t but let’s find out what he did do.

“I was born in Wales in Cardiff. I was very active when I was younger and attended Grammar school, boys brigade, and participated in lots of sports. When I left school I joined the railway service.  I did two years national service and then got a job working in the nuclear electricity industry, as an accountant, until I retired.  I have two children, one grandson, and one great-grandson.

Thank you, Bernard, for being such a good sport and social media star. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with you too.

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If you or a loved one would benefit from some friendly companionship or care at home, please contact our friendly team in Brighton & Hove on 01273 077444 or email info@kingswaycare.com

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