AgeUK’s Online Art Club

AgeUK Art Club Online

What is the Art Club Online?

AgeUK West Sussex Brighton & Hove started an online art club during lockdown as their centres were closed and they were very aware of the need for people to connect.

Today, I’m talking to Cara, the online art club teacher to find out more about this fantastic way to bring older people together and explore their creative talents.

“I send out a project every first and third Thursday of the month. Last month subjects were Heraldry (due to St George’s day) and people come up with their own coat of arms for fun!! The one before was Easter and before that Spring flowers.

Cara, AgeUK West Sussex Brighton & Hove

“People do a picture or make something, take a photo and send it back to me. I display the results when I send out the next project. They write a bit about how and why they’ve done their picture. It’s a brilliant way to connect with others!”

Easter Art project Results

As you can see, people interpret the subject in their own way with whatever materials they have to hand. From watercolours and pencil sketches to more crafty materials.

Online Art Club member, Diana, shared her Easter Pom Poms and said,

“For ages, I have been wanting to make some pom poms, more for mindfulness than anything else. I thought they would be calming to make. I decided to make an Easter wreath for the front door using wool bought from charity shops. I have tried to make it colourful with a bit of humour. I hope you like the bunny diving in!”

Join the Online Art Club

If you fancy joining the online art club all you have to do is subscribe to receive the fortnightly projects. You don’t need to have any experience, just the desire to have fun and access to emails.

Every fortnight AgeUK West Sussex Brighton & Hove set a project and gives some simple instructions as a rough guide to creating your own art piece.

To subscribe, please email or to find out more about the local AgeUK West Sussex Brighton & Hove please visit their website

Platinum Jubilee Art Competition

Here’s a sneak peek of this month’s Platinum Jubilee theme – to create art using the Queen’s profile image as seen on postal stamps. All entries will be entered into a competition to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Watch Cara, from AgeUK, share some ideas and tips to get started. The competition winner will be announced on 31st May so sharpen those pencils and get sketching!

Four Benefits of Creating Art

If we still haven’t convinced you to join, here are four more great reasons to get creative.

  • Improves brain function
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves communication
  • Boosts self-esteem

Kingsway Coffee Art Club?

Kingsway Care would be delighted to support the local AgeUK art club initiative with creative sessions in our community hub, Kingsway Coffee. Let us know if you would be interested and we’ll make it happen!

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