Kingsway Care to the Rescue

Our Client had a short spell in hospital recently but we were able to visit her and help get her home as quickly as possible. Find out what we did to make June smile so much.

June and Kingsway Care

“My Yellow Angel has come to get me!”

Denise, one of our Client Coordinators, went to visit June in hospital to sign her off as physically fit to return home with a Kingsway Care plan in place.

As soon as June saw Denise, she exclaimed, “My Yellow Angel has come to get me!” Denise laughed and had to smile again when the lady in the next-door bed said, “I want care from you too!

Kingsway Care’s special touch

Denise has been caring for June for nearly a year and knew that her quality of sleep could be improved with a hospital bed. The bed tilts up slightly which prevents fluid build-up on the chest.

After tactfully discussing the benefits of a hospital bed with June, she agreed to replace her double bed with a hospital bed and comfy air mattress. Denise, always ready to solve a problem, made a few phone calls to NRS Healthcare and the District Nurse.

Just a few days later, Denise and Lucy went to June’s home to take delivery of the new hospital bed as well as the removal of the old bed. Denise said June was smiling the whole time as we’d taken away all the stress and worry and made her bedroom look great too.

The Royal Treatment

Happy Kingsway Care Client

June is thrilled with her new bed that she can control with a push of a button and slept like a queen. She also has more room to swing her cats! June has been celebrating her birthday and the Jubilee weekend with her family and a home-made Victoria Sponge baked by one of our talented CareGivers. Happy Birthday with love from all at Kingsway Care!

Fitness Goals

We also support June with her daily physio to improve the strength in her legs and balance. Watch our CareGiver Darren make keeping fit fun by pretending to be piano maestros in the joyous short video below!

Going Above & Beyond

Well done Denise and the Kingsway Care team for going above and beyond to support June to leave hospital and return to living a full and independent life at home.

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