Meet Wayne: Head of Maintenance & Repairs

Wayne Kingsway Care Team

So much more than a handyman

Did you know Wayne attended our first-ever home care visit? We had just announced our services on the Kingsway Care Facebook page during the pandemic.

Our hearts melted when a lady messaged us to say she needed help changing her lightbulb in the bathroom. She had arthritis and couldn’t manage to go up on the step ladder to change it herself.

Of course, Wayne, our Head of Maintenance & Repairs, went round and changed the lightbulb but also stayed for a chat and listen to the lady’s incredible life story – which we’ll keep secret for now.

We knew there were a lot of people self-isolating that needed support from people they could trust. Wayne really enjoyed the visit and spending time with the lady too. Let’s find out more about our handyman, Wayne.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A chef or an architect.

But he laughs and says, “a chef would mean too much high pressure, stress, and unsociable hours. Then I discovered you needed to study for seven years to become an architect so quickly lost interest in that too!”

Ironically, I’ve managed to blend a bit of both of these into my role at Kingsway Care.

What did you do before you joined Kingsway Care?

I worked in home renovations, decorating, and design. I also always loved making art and many of my artworks are displayed in Kingsway Coffee. I do still sell a collection of limited prints in collaboration with Jamie, Kingsway Care’s website designer.

Kingsway Coffee to go

Wayne’s artwork on display at Kingsway Coffee

Residential Care Assistant

Besides art and home renovations, I also worked as a residential care assistant and loved it! I supported adults with learning chromosomal difficulties in a beautiful country mansion with amazing gardens in Kent.

The adults were full of unconditional love and always honest. It was pointless trying to forget the fact you had a big spot on your face with them!

Why did you decide to join Kingsway Care?

It was an opportunity I couldn’t resist!

To use my building and design skills to transform a shell of a building into Kingsway Care’s Office and Kingsway Coffee in Hove, was a huge job. But I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished and I love seeing the fully functioning office and buzzing coffee shop.

Kingsway Care team meeting in Kingsway Coffee

Wayne designed and built Kingsway Care’s office and Kingsway Coffee!

What challenges do you have with Clients?

I’m very aware of vulnerable Clients who may have been or are being taken advantage of and I’m always open, honest, and fair when pricing and completing home maintenance jobs for Kingsway Care Clients.

What do you enjoy about the job?

Making Clients happy. Something simple to me is often very hard for a Client to do, e.g. cutting the lawn or changing a lightbulb. They are overjoyed when the simplest task is completed. I’ve recently put in a patio for a new Client that was reluctant to start having care. She’s 100 years old and told me she really looks forward to our visits. I love hearing feedback like that!

Making Clients Happy

Do you have a good work-life balance?

I use my spare time to develop my creative streak either creating print artwork or I’ve recently become obsessed with baking! I can’t eat all the cakes myself so share them in the office or at Kingsway Coffee. All are devoured and don’t last long!

Kingsway Coffee Cake

Wayne’s Victoria Sponge cake.

Any advice for someone that would like to join Kingsway Care?

Forget the stereotypes and negative perceptions about care. Care is an amazing opportunity to excel using your skills and a wonderful way to make people happy whilst doing so.

Home & Garden Help

Wayne oversees all Kingsway Care Clients’ home maintenance & repair needs with a smile and frequently with his sidekick, Charlie the dog.