Meet Jan: Business Woman & CareGiver

Kingsway Care CareGiver

“Kingsway Care is a lovely, lovely company.”

Business Woman & Part-time CareGiver

Today, we’re catching up with Jan to find out how she juggles running her own business and working part-time for Kingsway Care.

How did you start your own business?

It’s a long story! I left school and became an office junior and was bored after two years. Then I started temping for an American Corporate company and lasted two days!! I hated it so much but realised I wanted to be part of a team.

After asking the temping agency for alternative work, they said I could choose between property or recruitment. I chose to work in property despite the huge page cut and got a job at KFC to make up my earnings.

Brighton’s First Letting Agency

I enjoyed being out on the floor working with people rather than typing in the office and soon became part of a big team. Then I was head-hunted to set up a letting agency. In 1993, there was only one letting agency in Brighton and now there are 176! The business we set up is still going strong today.

Career Break & Travel Bug

After a career break, I returned to the workplace as a cleaner at Shoreham Airport. Then the opportunity to go to America and run some holiday lets came up and I jumped at the chance. This started my travel bug and I also went to Spain and set up my own business renting properties there.

Seven years later, I returned home to Brighton and set up “Kudos” rental properties which is the successful business I own to date.

Why Did You Join Kingsway Care?

I had lots of spare time and wanted to give something back. I now work part-time as a CareGiver for Kingsway Care which fits in with running my own business and looking after my parents.

What is a typical day like?

Every day is different which I love even though I start at 4pm and finish at 7pm and have regular Clients to visit.

How do you support Clients?

Many of the Clients have dementia so I aim to increase their independence and confidence. I spend time talking to them about nice things to create a calm environment and help reduce their anxiety. Finding solutions rather than problems.

What do you enjoy about the CareGiver role?

It’s great seeing Clients with smiles on their faces! Getting them nice and clean, relaxed and ready for bed before I leave is an important and enjoyable part of the job.

Working for Kingsway Care

Kingsway Care team Hove seafront

Kingsway Care is a lovely, lovely company. The management team is sincere and full of empathy and very understanding and helpful to both Clients and CareGivers. They work with you rather than against you.

They have a lovely approach and genuinely care about the Clients. I love the little touches and the incidentals like a Happy Birthday message from Olly, the founder.

Any advice for someone considering care work?

I tell friends and family, “Kingsway Care is flexible, caring, and treats you well. Go for it!”

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