Meet Tara: Born to Care

Happy Kingsway CareGiver

I always knew I wanted to be a carer. I have an older Dad that I’ve always looked after and love spending time with elderly people”.

From Residential to Home Care

Today we’re catching up with Tara. She has just switched from working in residential home care to being a full-time CareGiver for Kingsway Care, supporting Clients to live in their own homes.

Career in Care

Besides looking after my Dad, I’ve also spent a couple of years working long hours at an end-of-life care home where many clients had dementia. I began my career in care at the start of Covid and sadly many of the clients died during that time.

Switching to Kingsway Care

Luckily, I knew Vicky from Kingsway Care and she encouraged me to try home care visits instead of residential home care. I went for an interview and got the job and haven’t looked back!

Why do you prefer Kingsway Care?

In the residential home, I worked 12-hour shifts and had to work every other weekend. With Kingsway Care, we discussed what would work for me. Now I have my evenings free, starting at 9am and finishing around 5 to 6pm daily. I also have every Saturday off which means I can go out on Friday nights and have some fun.

Being able to spend quality time with individual Clients is great and I love the freedom of lone working too.

Chatting in the garden on a sunny afternoon

Kingsway Care happy Client & CareGiver

What is a typical day like?

Well, every day is different! All my Clients live in the same area and I’m able to walk or get the bus between them. I help Clients with personal care such as showering and hair washing, preparing food and drinks, keeping their homes clean and tidy, and having a good ‘ole natter!

Do you have care qualifications?

I already have my care certificate and would like to do NVQs in Health & Social Care which I can do whilst working for Kingsway Care. I’ve learned so much already in the short time I’ve been here.

Any advice for someone that would like to become a CareGiver?

“The CareGiver role is not as scary as you may think if you haven’t done it before!”

Do it!! If you want to do it – do it – if you want to care for people! The job is very rewarding and there is always someone in the Kingsway Care office available to support if needed.

Job Opportunities at Kingsway Care

We are always looking for more natural-born CareGivers like Tara. If you’ve been inspired, please hit the buttons below to find out more or complete our application form.

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