Wonderful Rapport with Clients

Darren is one of our amazing Kingsway CareGivers that delivers first class home care with imagination and joy. He joined us a year ago today and we’re celebrating how much dedication and fun he brings to his CareGiving role with Clients past and present. The special bond and rapport he builds with Kingsway Care Clients are wonderful to witness.

Delightful Bedtime Story

He had a Client that always asked him to read her a bedtime story. One day, he decided to write a whimsical bedtime story just for her. Sadly, the lady died last week at the age of 101. Darren recorded this video of him reading his delightful bedtime story so he could share his memories with her family.

If you can spare eight minutes to listen to the story, perhaps at bedtime, we’re sure it will bring a smile to your face and make you feel warm and fuzzy.

First Class Home Care

Kingsway Care handpicks people like Darren with big hearts to join our team. Our CareGivers are trained and supported to give our brand of first-class home care with imagination and joy.

That’s why Kingsway Care is the No 1 Home Care Provider in Brighton & Hove. Please hit the contact us button below if you would like first class home care. Or hit the job opportunities button if you would like to join our award-winning team of CareGivers.

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