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Kingsway Care Client Socials at Kingsway Coffee

Adding the ‘Social’ to Care

Kingsway Care hosted our first Fish & Chips Friday Social on September 9th. For us, it was a very simple event to organise after-hours at Kingsway Coffee. But we learned it was a big deal for our Clients. One was deciding what to wear for days beforehand and some were anxious about going but so glad they did.

“Very enjoyable, lovely. I was very dubious about coming but loved it!


Watch the YouTube video below to see Pat who has become an internet sensation with more than 500 views!

An enjoyable afternoon

Our CareGivers collected a handful of Clients and brought them to Kingsway Coffee, Hove, for a private fish supper. Everyone enjoyed the food, Glen Miller background music, and the excitement of getting out of the house to meet new people. Lola the dog, was a big hit too.

Kingsway Care dog Lola

“Do you know what the best bit was, besides all the sweet things? Lola the dog! It’s been a lovely, lovely afternoon, beautiful.”

Kingsway Care Client

Bernard loved the Fish & Chips Friday social, particularly when Denise took him for a pint on the way home.

“Anything done by Kingsway Care, I can’t fault and this sort of social is wonderful.”


Kingsway Care Client Socials

We also listened to the King’s speech together instead of alone at home. Thank you to Darren for organising the event along with support from Vicky, Denise, Zoe, Steve, Jo and her dog Lola! We’re inspired to do more events to bring a smile to Kingsway Care Clients.

Kingsway Care is the No 1 Home Care Provider in Brighton & Hove, delivering first class home care with imagination and joy.

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