Happy Kingsway CareGivers and Clients


Kingsway CareGivers have been creative in finding new, warm and free places to entertain our Clients during the cold spell. Find out where some of them have been so far this January.

Emmaus Brighton

Emmaus Brighton has been popular with the team. So much so, that Charlotte and our Activities Guru, Darren, bumped into each other there whilst entertaining Kingsway Care Clients, Molly and Ursula.

Emmaus is a charity supporting homeless people by selling second hand clothes, furniture, plus food and drink in their café.

Hove Museum of Creativity

Our CareGiver, Charlotte took Ursula for a mooch around the Hove Museum of Creativity. Ursula was particularly taken with this painting of a ballet dancer and exclaimed, “I used to be a ballet dancer!”

“I used to be a ballet dancer!

Ballet Dancer back in the day

We checked this out with her family and her daughter said: “My mother did ballet until the age of sixteen up to a fairly good level and did all her exams. She loves ballet and I’m going to take her to the ballet that’s coming to Brighton. We enjoyed it last year.

Our CareGiver, Charlotte said, “the Hove museum was brilliant with free entry, many different artworks on display, wheelchair accessible throughout and with beautiful gardens. There are plans to reopen the café too!

The Hop 50+ drop in centre, Hove

Our CareGiver Louise, took Ursula to the Hop drop in centre in Hove after asking Darren for ideas on where to take her during a companionship visit.

About the Hop 50+

The Hop 50+ is a unique and vibrant space offering social and physical activities alongside a cafe. Part of Brighton & Hove’s citywide Ageing Well programme, it is the flagship for services for older people. A place where people feel they belong, are valued, and benefit from mutual support.

Happy Kingsway CareGiver and Client at the Hop

The Hop was lovely and friendly inside. Ursula enjoyed a lunch consisting of shepherds pie with lots of veg, a sponge pudding with custard, cup of tea and glass of water for £8!

Louise, Kingsway CareGiver

Watching Ghosts TV together

If Clients don’t feel up to going out, our CareGivers can find ways to have fun at home too. June had missed watching the Ghosts TV Christmas special so our Senior CareGiver Darren downloaded it so she could watch it on his laptop. With one proviso that they dressed as ghosts to watch it!!

Can You Drive and Care?

We love seeing what our Clients and CareGivers get up to together and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it too. If you’d like to join Kingsway Care, we’re hiring!

We’re looking for CareGivers in Brighton & Hove (with UK driving licenses) to take Kingsway Care Clients out and about.

Kingsway Care Car

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