Happy 101st Birthday, Florence!

Kingsway Care Celebrates Florence’s 101st Birthday

Kingsway Care was out in force to make a fuss of Florence on her incredible 101st birthday! Thanks to our wonderful CareGiver, Charlotte for giving us the heads up about the big day. We had time to organize balloons and our CareGiver, Wayne, baked a special raspberry and almond cake.

The Kingsway Care team delivered a delicious homemade birthday cake and balloons to the birthday gal!

Going Above & Beyond

We were all super impressed when Charlotte even wrote to the Mayor and asked her to send Florence a birthday card. All the attention visibly moved Florence and we enjoyed sharing a bottle of rosé with her family.

Greetings from the Mayor of Brighton & Hove

Greetings from the Mayor of Brighton & Hove organized by our amazing CareGiver, Charlotte.

Florence’s tip for a long life

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