Kingsway Care emergency services fridge magnet

Potentially life saving fridge magnets

Kingsway Care’s CareGiver Coordinator, Jo, had a brilliant idea to help emergency services know if our Clients’ have DNACPR forms. The fridge magnets could potentially be life saving!

Jo said, “My daughter is a paramedic and I knew something like this fridge magnet would help her find vital information during an emergency.”

Jo's Fridge Magnet idea

DNACPR stands for ‘Do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)’. It means that if a person has a cardiac arrest or dies suddenly, there will be guidance on what action should or shouldn’t be taken by a healthcare professional, including not performing CPR on the person.

Resuscitation Council, UK

Importance of DNACPR

If someone does have a DNACPR, but it can’t be found, then sadly they may have some medical intervention that is against their wishes. It is really important for paramedics to know where to find the form in an emergency.

From Great Idea to Production

Within a day of talking about the idea, Kingsway Care sourced a supplier to make 50 fridge magnets with space to list vital information about our Clients. e.g if they have a DNACPR form and where the Kingsway Care Client folder can be found for more information.

The simple design was developed in house and emailed to the supplier. The fridge magnets were delivered within seven days ready to give to Clients free of charge.

Proactive and professional team

Client Team Manager, Denise and Jo will be checking the location of all Client DNACPR’s and updating Client folders to take to every Client along with the complimentary fridge magnet.

Thanks to Kingsway Care’s professional and proactive team, we are able to make responsive decisions that positively impact our Clients and Caregivers every day!

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