CareGiver Induction & Training

Confident CareGivers

Today, we’re catching up with Jo, our CareGiver Coordinator, and Kelly, our Field Care Supervisor to find out why CareGiver training and continuous learning and development are so important at Kingsway Care.

Jo, our CareGiver Coordinator, and Lola, her soon-to-be therapy dog.

At Kingsway Care, we ensure our CareGivers are trained to the highest standards so they can provide exceptional care to our Clients. Our comprehensive training program is designed to equip our CareGivers with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver first class home care with confidence.

Three Day Induction

Over the course of three days (or, if you’re in a hurry, two days with our fast-track option), we cover all the mandatory courses that are essential to providing excellent care. These include:

  • First Aid and basic life support
  • Moving and handling
  • Medication management
  • Understanding the CareGivers role
  • Personal Care
  • Safeguarding
  • Mental Capacity Act (MCA).

Engaging & Interactive Training

Kingsway CareGiver Training

No training is complete without a visit from our doll Brenda!

Our training is designed to be engaging and interactive, and we use a variety of training materials to keep things interesting.

We also use a ‘Hove test Client’ to teach our CareGivers how to write effective care notes on the Pass App, which is an essential skill for providing high-quality care. And of course, no training session is complete without a visit from Brenda, who is always a hit and a great icebreaker.

Care Skills Academy

In addition to our in-person training program, we also offer online training through Care Skills Academy. This includes mandatory courses like fire safety and infection control, as well as specialized training for CareGivers who work with Clients with Dementia or Parkinson’s.

Care Certificate

Our 12-week training programme leads to achieving the industry-recognised Care Certificate and pride in doing a worthwhile job as you can see from our recent graduates, Holly, Harriet, and Charlotte.

Did you know Charlotte works for us part-time whilst studying for a degree in Health & Social Care?

Continuous Learning & Development

At Kingsway Care, we believe that continuous learning and development are essential for providing the highest level of care to our Clients and for the professional growth of our CareGivers. That’s why Kellie, our field care supervisor, is here to offer support visits to caregivers who require additional training or lack confidence in certain areas within the Clients’ homes.

Kellie, our Field Care Supervisor provides additional training and support to CareGivers during home visits.

Kingsway Care Field Care Supervisor

During these visits, Kellie works with caregivers to create personal development plans and discuss areas where they require additional training or support. We understand that every caregiver is unique, and we strive to provide personalized training that meets their specific needs and interests.

Specialist Training

We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our CareGivers’ knowledge, and we do this by reaching out to specialists like Stoma nurses, Parkinson’s nurses, and Dementia nurses. By tapping into their expertise, we can provide our CareGivers with the latest and most effective techniques to care for Clients with specialized needs.

Career in Care

At Kingsway Care, we believe that investing in our CareGivers’ training and development is crucial for providing exceptional care and pride in the job. If you’re looking for a career in care and want to expand your skills and knowledge, we invite you to join our team and benefit from our ongoing support and training opportunities.

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