Katy Kingsway Care Disability Champion

The GoTalk 9+ helps me communicate with my CareGivers.

Inclusive Technology

Katy, our Disability Champion, is here to share her love of inclusive technology that can help people with disabilities to be more independent. Katy’s Speech & Language Therapist recommended the ‘GoTalk 9+’ to help her communicate when speaking is difficult.

Katy says she finds it particularly difficult to speak at night and in the morning but now she can communicate with her CareGivers at the touch of a button!

GoTalk 9+ video demo

Watch the YouTube video below. Katy and her CareGiver, Amy, made this to explain to other people with speech difficulties how easy it is to use the GoTalk 9+ communication tool.

Augmented Speech

She has been using the GoTalk 9+ for several months. Besides being able to ask daily requests for things like food and drink she can also customize the buttons to suit her special needs. For example, one button asks for a chest massage if she is feeling congested.

Communications at the touch of a button.

Go Talk9+ communication tool

GP Referral & Funding for GoTalk 9+

After taking the speech therapist’s advice, Katy asked her doctor to recommend a referral for the equipment which helped her get funding for the communication tool.

Disability Champion

Kingsway Care and Katy have no affiliation with GoTalk 9+. However, Katy can see that it will benefit anyone with speech difficulties. It can help autistic people communicate, as well as anyone with speech problems after a stroke, head injury, or like Katy, living with cerebral palsy.

Katy would be happy to show other Kingsway Care Clients how to use the GoTalk9+ if they want to learn more.

Enabling Independent Living

If you have a disability and need support to remain independent at home, please contact Kingsway Care’s friendly team for a chat. Telephone 01273 077444 or email info@kingswaycare.com

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