Kingsway Care Sponsors Local Bowling Club

Southwick Park Bowling Club

Did you know Kingsway Care is one of the sponsors of the Southwick Park Bowling Club because we believe in the importance of maintaining social networks?

Southwick Park Bowling Club Open Day

Saturday 3rd June 2023 from 10am

In a bid to expand their membership and promote a healthy and social sporting activity, Southwick Park Bowling Club will open its doors from 10am tomorrow for a Friends & Family Open Day. The event aims to introduce newcomers to the game of bowls and encourage them to join the club’s thriving community. With an already balanced gender distribution among their 42 members, the club welcomes all individuals interested in trying out this engaging sport.

The Allure of Bowls

Bowls, often regarded as a genteel and sociable sport, offers a multitude of benefits to its participants. Beyond the enjoyment of the game itself, bowling provides an opportunity to engage in regular physical exercise, enhance mental well-being, and forge new friendships. Its inclusive nature ensures that people of all ages and abilities can take part, making it a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Friends & Family Open Day

The Friends & Family Open Day serves as an invitation to the wider community to experience the joys of this sport. The event promises a warm and welcoming atmosphere, encouraging participants to try their hand at bowling while enjoying the company of fellow enthusiasts. Equipment will be readily available for everyone to use, eliminating any barriers to entry and allowing newcomers to become familiar with the game’s mechanics.

Promoting Physical and Mental Well Being

Engaging in physical activities is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and bowls offers a low-impact form of exercise that is accessible to a wide range of individuals. The controlled movements and techniques involved in the game help improve balance, coordination, and muscle strength. Additionally, the social aspect of the sport can have a positive impact on mental well-being, providing an avenue for social interaction, stress relief, and a sense of belonging.

Southwick Park Bowling Club

A Welcoming and Enjoyable Experience

The Friends & Family Open Day promises to be a relaxed and enjoyable occasion, focusing on fun and camaraderie rather than intense competition. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experienced club members, who will be on hand to provide guidance and support. Throughout the event, coffee, tea, and biscuits will be available, fostering a convivial atmosphere and encouraging conversations among attendees.

Join the Bowling Community

For those who discover a passion for bowls during the Open Day, joining the local Bowling Club can provide a multitude of benefits. The club offers regular playing sessions, tournaments, and social events, creating ample opportunities for members to continue developing their skills, forming lasting friendships, and enriching their overall well-being. With Kingsway Care’s sponsorship, the club is poised to provide a nurturing and vibrant environment for all enthusiasts.

The Friends & Family Open Day, presents an exciting opportunity for individuals to explore the world of bowls and potentially become a part of the local Bowling Club’s thriving community. By providing a friendly and inclusive environment, the event aims to attract new members, enhance physical and mental well-being, and foster connections among like-minded individuals. So, if you’re curious about bowls or simply looking for a new recreational pursuit, mark your calendars for this Saturday’s Open Day and join in on the fun!

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