Comfort, Dignity and Support

Lisa Kingsway Care Team

During end-of-life care, it’s a privilege to create meaningful, last memories for Clients and their families.

Lisa, Kingsway Care’s Registered Manager expertly leads the team

During end-of-life care, the importance of providing comfort, dignity, and unwavering support cannot be overstated. Lisa James, the Registered Manager of Kingsway Care, recently led a dedicated team of CareGivers in delivering exceptional care to a Client in his final days.

Creating Meaningful Last Memories

Lisa has a particular passion for end-of-life care, explaining that it is a privilege to create meaningful, last memories for the Client’s family. Learn more about the behind-the-scenes efforts and guidelines that Kingsway Care follow to ensure that Clients and their families receive compassionate and comprehensive end-of-life care.

Background and Diagnosis: (altered to protect Client’s privacy)

The Client, a 75-year-old man diagnosed with stage 4 cancer had undergone various treatments but the cancer continued to progress, leaving him with no treatment option other than palliative care.

Exceptional Support for the Client, Family, and CareGivers

Kingsway Care’s involvement began when the Client’s son-in-law reached out, expressing concerns about his declining health and struggles with his morning routine. The team promptly assisted, completing a care assessment so a personalised care plan could be put in place. This included ordering a hospital bed from Martlets and a bath chair for his morning routine as well as offering continuous support and guidance to the Client’s family.

Daily Contact & Updates

Lisa, the Registered Manager, maintained daily contact with the family, updating care plans and risk assessments as the Client’s condition rapidly deteriorated. The presence of Kellie, our Field Care Supervisor, during most home care visits with Kingsway CareGivers further bolstered the support system.

Personalised Home Care Plan

With the Client’s wish to receive care at home, a well-structured care plan was established. This plan included multiple visits throughout the day, spaced appropriately, to ensure regular repositioning to prevent pressure sores. The team at Kingsway Care made it a priority to accommodate the Client’s preferences, starting each day with a soothing bubble bath and playing his favourite songs.

Pressure Area Care & Repositioning

To safeguard the Client’s well-being, CareGivers diligently monitored pressure areas during every visit. The use of pillows to relieve pressure under heels and knees, along with the implementation of slide sheets during repositioning, was essential in preventing pressure sores. The team received comprehensive training on these critical aspects from Kingsway Care’s Field Care Supervisor, Kelly.

Supporting the Client’s Family

Recognizing the emotional challenges faced by the Client’s family, Kingsway Care extended its support beyond the Client’s direct care. The family members, including the wife, daughter, son, and son-in-law, received guidance and reassurance from the CareGivers during this difficult time.

Symptom Management and Comfort

The focus of care centered on ensuring the Client’s comfort, pain management, and prevention of pressure sores. CareGivers monitored the Client’s swallowing ability and the potential need for a syringe driver to manage symptoms. They also ensured his mouth and lips were clean and moist. CareGivers supported family members, who were undoubtedly frightened and uncertain as his health declined so rapidly.

Safety Precautions and Communication

Considering the Client’s risk of seizures, Lisa ordered a hospital bed without rails. CareGivers diligently ensured the bed was lowered to the lowest position when he was left unattended. Effective communication among the CareGiving team was established through a dedicated WhatsApp group, providing additional support and fostering efficient coordination.

Professional Boundaries and Personal Wellbeing

While maintaining professional boundaries, CareGivers were encouraged to exercise judgment in providing the necessary support to the Client and his family. Recognizing the potential emotional impact of end-of-life care, Kingsway Care emphasized the importance of the CareGivers’ wellbeing, offering a supportive environment where concerns could be addressed and emotional closure sought.

Creating Lasting Memories

Lisa encouraged the team to have fun with the Client by singing and dancing to lighten the mood. She also advised keeping the room spotlessly clean and tidy so the family could focus on creating happy last memories of their loved one.

Closure and Appreciation

Following the Client’s passing peacefully surrounded by family, Lisa personally contacted each member of the CareGiving team to discuss their emotions, expressing gratitude for their exceptional work. The heartfelt response from Analia, the primary CareGiver, shows the positive impact that dedicated care can have on someone’s life. Furthermore, testimonials from Vicky, Kingsway Care’s Manager, and the Client’s family demonstrated the outstanding level of support provided.

From Analia, CareGiver 

I cared for my Dad and It makes me very happy knowing that my knowledge and service could make a difference to someone else’s life too.

Analia Kingsway CareGiver

“Thank you very much for the lovely card and nice words to me. It’s really nice and satisfying when people recognise and acknowledge your efforts. I cared for my Dad and It makes me very happy knowing that my knowledge and service could make a difference to someone else’s life too.

I will always remember how much this Client loved the baths with lots of bubbles and Elvis playing loud. I really appreciate all your support and understanding during this time. It was a really enriching experience for me and my development as a carer, I’ve learned a lot. So thanks very much again for the opportunity and positive feedback.”

From Vicky, Kingsway Care’s Manager

“The entire package was like clockwork from start to finish. You opened up and prepared all of the carers for what to expect, in terms of End of Life and this Client in particular.  The team then kept in contact throughout and managed all of the concerns and questions continuously, making everyone feel totally supported.

And then after his passing you made personal contact again with every one of them, closing them down from an emotional perspective, which is paramount when working with traumatic events. Although not surprised, I’m completely impressed with how you directed everyone to work together to deliver such a compassionate package of care. Well done Lisa!”


Kingsway Care’s approach to end-of-life care shows compassion, dedication, and professionalism. By prioritizing comfort, managing symptoms, and offering unwavering support to Clients and their families, the CareGivers at Kingsway Care ensure that each individual’s final days are filled with dignity, respect, and love. Effective communication, diligent monitoring, and reporting contribute to the provision of exceptional end-of-life care during this challenging time.

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