Jonathan & the Kingsway Care Babes sing Thank You for Being a Friend t support Music for Dementia

Jonathan & The Kingsway Care Babes sing THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND to support Music for Dementia and Thank You Day on 2nd July 2023.

Sing-a-long in Kingsway Care’s Zen Garden

Kingsway Care’s talented trio of CareGivers, Jonathan, Amy, and Denise, jumped at the chance to take part in this year’s Thank You Day. On July 2nd, the whole nation is invited to sing Thank You For Being A Friend for the UK’s unsung heroes – volunteers, carers, and the people that make communities better.

Click on the TikTok below or visit Kingsway Care’s YouTube channel to sing-a-long with Jonathan and enjoy the the Kingsway Care Babes inspired moves in our Zen Garden!

Thank You For Being A Friend

Join the national singalong this Sunday, 2nd July, starting at 12:55 PM on BBC Radio 2

Music for Dementia partnered with the Thank You Day campaign and chose Tony Christie to sing the 1978 classic, Thank You for Being a Friend. Tony Christie was recently diagnosed with dementia and openly talks about it to help take away the shame of being a dementia sufferer.

Science shows music can help manage mood and anxiety, it can bring back memories and feelings, it can reconnect people to those they love.

Kingsway Care’s Got Talent

Thank you to Jonathan, our Senior CareGiver, Denise, our Client Team Manager and Amy, our Scheduler for joining in with the Music for Dementia and Thank You Day campaign and singing with such gusto!

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