Moving & Handling Training for CareGivers

“One of my main Clients is hoisted a lot, so now I know what he feels like when we are hoisting him.”

Arthur, Kingsway CareGiver

Hoists, Slings and Slide Sheets

Kingsway Care is taking advantage of the free training for CareGiver courses provided by East Sussex County Council. Let’s find out what Denise, Ruby, Arthur and Ayo learned on the Moving and Handling of People with Restricted Mobility Training.

Their day started in East Sussex County Council’s spacious training room in Firwood House, Eastbourne.

The course is a mix of theory and practical elements for assisting adults with restricted mobility and covers risk assessments, sling selection, safely fitting slings, best practice techniques when hoisting clients, and the use of stand aids and dressing aids.

“It’s important to try out the equipment and experience what it’s like to be hoisted so that we can understand and empathise with the vulnerability our Clients feel.”

Denise, Kingsway Care’s Client Team Manager

Training Objectives are to provide CareGivers with:

  • Safe techniques to protect their backs and the adult they are caring for  
  • Knowledge of the additional challenges faced by those who are immobile and unable to reposition themselves
  • Knowledge of equipment and slide sheet techniques 
  • Understanding of the concepts of a balanced risk assessment approach.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the needs of clients with limited mobility  
  • Awareness of equipment that can be used to move clients 
  • Knowledge of slings and when to fit and use them 
  • Knowledge of unsafe practices and understand why and what injury may occur.

It was really insightful to know what it felt like to be moved with a slide sheet. I now understand what some of our Clients go through.

Ruby, Client Manager

Confident Professional CareGivers

At Kingsway Care, we believe in continuous learning and refresher training to ensure our CareGivers are confident in their job roles and familiar with different hoists, slings, and slide sheets.

Having empathy and understanding for how our older and disabled Clients feel during moving and handling ensures Clients receive first class home care.

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