Lisa James, Kingsway Care’s Registered Manager is recognised as a Young Trailblazer in the Home Care Insight Power List 2023!

Young Trailblazer in Home Care

Find out why Lisa is Kingsway Care’s Young Trailblazer in the Home Care Insight Power List

Lisa Kingsway Care Team

About the HCI Power List

The Home Care Insight Power List showcases the care sector’s most influential leaders who are shining examples of excellence and innovation. Recognising twenty five individuals who have advanced, flourished, and truly made their mark in social care over the past twelve months.

Congratulations Lisa

Lisa is truly an awesome Registered Manager, and her impact on Kingsway Care has been nothing short of transformative. Her commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the organisation’s operations, ensuring that we provide first-class home care in Brighton & Hove. We’re not surprised to find her on this year’s Power List as a Young Trailblazer.

“Awe, this is amazing! I’m so proud to be recognised alongside so many other people transforming the care sector. Congratulations to everyone on the HCI Power List!”

Lisa James, Registered Manager, Kingsway Care

The Master of Roster Planning

One of Lisa’s remarkable strengths lies in roster planning. She has mastered this process, which is essential for maintaining the happiness of both clients and caregivers. By introducing block scheduling, Lisa has achieved multiple improvements: enhancing continuity of care, increasing roster capacity, and minimizing gaps in schedules. Furthermore, she strategically designs routes based on geographic location, reducing unnecessary travel across the city and tailoring them to the preferences of walkers, cyclists, and drivers. Lisa has also implemented enhanced payments and travel time to incentivise evening and weekend shifts, further promoting caregiver satisfaction.

Rising to Complex Care Challenges

Lisa’s dedication goes beyond operational efficiency. She has moved mountains to take on complex care clients that other home care providers might consider too challenging. Her compassionate approach has resulted in reuniting several couples who were living in separate care homes, allowing them to live together in their own homes with the support of Kingsway Care.

Compassionate End of Life Care

End-of-life care is another area where Lisa’s passion shines through. She shares her extensive experience in creating meaningful last moments for clients and their families. When a recent end-of-life client required support, Lisa’s leadership led to an overwhelming response, with 15 caregivers volunteering to provide care and support to this very special individual. The praise received for Kingsway Care’s end-of-life care is a testament to Lisa’s expert ability in guiding caregivers, clients, and their families through challenging times.

Promoting Professional Development

Lisa has been a care professional since leaving school and worked her way up to becoming a Registered Manager by her late twenties.

Lisa also actively promotes professional development within the team. She is the driving force behind encouraging employees to reach their full potential by identifying and providing training courses in specialized subjects such as moving and handling, dementia care, medication management, and more. This commitment to continuous learning ensures that Kingsway CareGivers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional care.

Dedicated Care Professional

In summary, Lisa’s dedication to improving processes, providing exceptional care, supporting end-of-life clients, and fostering professional development makes her an outstanding Registered Manager. Her contributions have elevated Kingsway Care, setting a high standard for home care services.

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