Kingsway Care's Zen Garden for CareGivers

A tranquil place for Kingsway CareGivers to chill out and relax with a cuppa

Workplace Health & Wellbeing

Earlier this year, Vicky, Kingsway Care’s Managing Director, was quick to apply for Brighton & Hove City Council’s grant for a Workplace Health and Wellbeing Innovation Fund. The successful application voiced the need for Kingsway CareGivers to have a place to relax with a cuppa and take a break from their busy work schedules.

Garden Transformation

Kingsway Care matched the £200 grant, and with the help of Wayne, Head of Maintenance & Repairs, the outside space behind the office has been transformed into a Wellbeing Garden for all employees to enjoy. Furnished with yellow chairs, a table, an elegant mirror, and shelving to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables. All we need now is a massive umbrella for the unpredictable Brighton & Hove weather!

Healthy Lunches Outside

Vicky is also keen to encourage healthy eating to offset the constant round of birthday cakes at Kingsway Care. She prepared a delicious salad at home to share with the office team outside in the Wellbeing Garden.

Vicky serves up a healthy team lunch in the Wellbeing Garden.

Kingsway Care healthy team lunch

Plants Galore

Louise, our ever-thoughtful CareGiver, scoured the local garden centres and bought two beautiful plants to donate to the Kingsway Care garden. The large one is aptly named ‘Guardian Angel’ and the little one we’re going to nurture is named ‘June’ after a much-loved Client recently passed away.

Gifted plants Guardian Angel and June

Thank you to Louise for donating these two plants, Guardian Angel and June.

Fun & Games in our Wellbeing Garden

The space was also recently used to record our Senior CareGiver, Jonathan singing ‘Thank You for Being a Friend’ to support ‘Music for Dementia’. Amy and Denise provided inspired backing vocals and dance moves, as can be witnessed in the TikTok below or on our YouTube Channel.

Anyone for Tennis?

Inspired by Wimbledon and a desire to keep fit, Amy, our Scheduler, also donated her SwingBall so that CareGivers can enjoy a competitive game in the garden.

Amy donates her childhood favourite, SwingBall, for some time out destressing with competitive exercise.

SwingBall in Kingsway Care's Zen Garden

Kingsway Care Team Effort

Thank you to Brighton & Hove City Council for the Workplace Health and Wellbeing Innovation Fund and to everyone at Kingsway Care for pulling together to create this little oasis for our CareGivers to enjoy.

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