Kingsway Care Client Management Team

Denise, Kerry, Ruby, and Katie form our dynamic Client Management Team, going the extra mile for Kingsway Care Clients.

Going the Extra Mile

As people choose to stay independent at home for as long as possible, Kingway Care is keeping up with the demand for increasingly complex care at home. Social workers often comment they have never seen a home care provider go to the lengths we do to support our Clients.

While our frontline CareGivers deliver award-winning home care every day, we also have our dynamic Client Management Team proactively working behind the scenes. Team Leader, Denise, has been instrumental in setting up the team which is laser-focused on supporting the ever-changing needs of Clients to improve their care and quality of life.

Client Manager, Denise has been supporting Kingsway Care Clients to live their best lives by identifying simple changes that can improve their quality of life. For example, ordering a hospital bed for June allowed her to sleep with her upper body raised to prevent the build-up of chest fluid.

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June and Kingsway Care

Our Client Coordinators: Your Trusted Partners in Care

To ensure that we provide Kingsway Care Clients with the utmost care and support, we have a dedicated Client Team that provides one point of contact for each Client. Our Client Coordinators’ primary goal is to enhance our responsiveness and nurture trust-based relationships with our Clients, their families, and other support services.

Kerry & Martin bake a cake

Both Kerry and Denise have been with Kingsway Care since the early days. Dedicated to providing Clients with first class home care, fun, and quality of life.

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Responsive Care with Regular Reviews

We conduct regular reviews, meeting with Clients at four weeks, six months, and whenever a significant change in their condition is identified by their CareGivers. The reviews ensure that we can swiftly respond to sensory, communication, or mobility changes and adjust their care plans accordingly.

Building Trust and Collaboration

Ruby and Katie have recently joined as Client Coordinators to bolster the Client Management Team and increase our capacity to go to extraordinary lengths behind the scenes to improve Client outcomes.

Our Client Coordinators don’t work in isolation. They actively engage with other care professionals, forming collaborative partnerships to create a seamless network of support for our Clients. This ensures that we can deliver the best possible outcomes for every Kingsway Care Client.

Specialist Support Partnerships

At Kingsway Care, our commitment to comprehensive care extends beyond our organisation. We frequently collaborate with specialist services to meet the unique needs of our Clients. If our Client Coordinators identify changing needs for an existing client, we refer them to the relevant service through their GP and accompany them to specialist appointments. By attending appointments we can hear first-hand from professionals what we can do to support our Clients to remain independent.

SALT Partnerships: Supporting Swallowing Difficulties

For example, we’ve been closely working with a client who has an advancing SALT (Speech and Language Therapy) requirement. His Client Coordinator and CareGivers have attended multiple meetings with the SALT team to support the Client’s swallowing difficulties. This collaboration has enabled us to implement a comprehensive food management plan of mainly pureed food and a swallowing and choking plan to support him to remain at home and avoid hospital stays.

Bowel & Bladder Partnerships: Managing Incontinence

Bristol Stool Chart

Managing incontinence improves the Client’s quality of life and comfort.

In another case, our direct and ongoing contact with the bladder and bowel team allowed us to identify the need for a review of continence products. This timely review led to the provision of appropriate products, significantly improving the Client’s skin integrity and comfort.

District Nursing Teams Partnerships: Streamlining Care

Our Client Coordinators have established strong relationships with district nursing teams and multiple GPs across the city. This ensures swift and effective action for Kingsway Care Clients, making multi-agency working simpler and more effective.

Occupational Therapy Team Partnerships: Enhancing Care Changes

We collaborate with the Occupational Therapy Team to support clients requiring community-based care following a fall or hospital discharge. Working with the Parkinson’s Nursing Team has also allowed us to gain access to updated information regarding specific conditions, facilitating effective care changes for clients with advancing conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

Digital Transformation: Empowering Families

In our pursuit of person-centered care, we’ve expanded our digital processes and procedures. Clients’ families have digital access via the PASS App, enabling them to view our care notes in real time after every care visit. This transparency provides peace of mind and ensures that everyone involved in caring for the Client is on the same page.

The Kingsway Care Personal Touch

One of our CareGivers mentioned a long-time Client didn’t have any Christmas decorations. Our founder, Olly, is a huge fan of Christmas so he personally delivered and decorated a Christmas tree for June. Furthermore, the Client Management Team organised a private concert with our ‘Care Sectors Got Talent’ finalist, Jonathan, performing Christmas tunes in her living room. Sadly, June recently passed away but her team of ‘Yellow Angels’ were proud to be the pallbearers on her final journey.

Identifying Changing Care Needs: A Proactive Approach

We’ve elevated our care notes audit system, with Client Coordinators now completing these on a weekly basis. This proactive approach allows us to identify trends and patterns immediately. For instance, developing pressure sore areas can be monitored closely, preventing further escalation.

Furthermore, any errors from CareGivers are swiftly identified, enabling us to implement appropriate responses, such as competency or refresher training.

Through dedication, collaboration, innovation, and digital empowerment, we are redefining the standards of Client care. With a focus on building trust, forging partnerships, and staying ahead of evolving care needs, our Client Management Team ensures every Kingsway Care Client receives the best possible care and support, every day.

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