Kingsway CareGivers fundraising for Martlets Hospice

Baa-rave and Baa-rilliant:

Kingsway CareGivers’ Shear Drop for Martlets!

Eeeek! A 450foot / 138 metre  ‘Shear Drop’ abseil from Brighton’s i360! Who would be brave enough to do that?!

Well, Baa-rave, Kingsway CareGivers, Sorin and Arthur have stepped up to the challenge, all in the name of a fantastic cause. Fundraising for the Martlets Hospice!

Arthur and Sorin out and about with a Kingsway Care Client in sunny Hove.

Kingsway CareGivers Arthur and Sorin

The boys jumped at the chance to show their support for Martlets because they do such amazing work supporting local people with terminal illnesses.

Kingsway CareGivers scaling new heights!

With only one week to go, Arthur and Sorin have stepped up their training and reached new heights! Arthur has been practicing inside Kingsway Care’s HQ in Hove.

Sorin & Shaun the Sheep by the Sea

Meanwhile, Sorin has got his legs out in the sunshine to do a recce of the formidable i360 and say hello to a few of the Shaun the Sheep by the Sea.

Now, we totally get it – times are tough. But if you can spare a few pounds to help Sorin and Arthur reach the £500 fundraising target (or more), it would mean the world to them and Martlets.

Plus, let’s face it, watching them dangling from a rope might be worth the donation alone! 

Can ewe help reach their target and help Martlets to keep caring?

The Shear Drop Event is on 5th October 2023 at Brighton’s i360 from 6.30pm

Thank you for supporting Sorin and Arthur and this incredible charity!

Sorin the Sheep

Sorin the Sheep has his outfit sorted! Go and watch our fantastic CareGivers Sorin & Arthur do the #sheardrop

Congratulations Kingsway Care Super Heroes!

A huge shoutout to Sorin and Arthur for being our Shear Drop Super Heroes! Not only did they raise an incredible £623.00 for Martlets Hospice, but they also brought Kingsway Care into the spotlight with their amusing social media posts leading up to the event. You guys rock!

Martlets Story

We are reminded daily that life is precious, and we understand how important it is to make special memories with those we care about. The Shear Drop will enable families and friends to enjoy precious time together and live life to the full; something we celebrate and encourage. It’s why Martlets provides wellbeing services, counselling, and rehabilitation along with expert clinical care. And why we deliver 80% of our care in the community in people’s homes, helping patients and their loved ones stay together in familiar surroundings for as long as possible. 

As a local charity, our care is only free thanks to the support of local people, businesses, and trusts. An NHS grant covers a portion of our costs, but we rely on our community, to fund most of our vital services.

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