#WhoCares? A heart-warming short film

#WhoCares? is a heart-warming short film aiming to turn around public opinion on working in social care. Filmed on location across Brighton & Hove with Kingsway Care Clients and CareGivers.

Caring Army

This caring army supports society’s most vulnerable, from our ageing population to younger adults coping with severe disabilities. Yet, this vital role remains largely unrecognised. It’s a profession that should be celebrated, just as we celebrate nurses and doctors. However, all too often, public perception is shaped by the rare scandals in the headlines, leaving the good work of many unappreciated and ignored.

Caregivers Fight Back

Olly, Founder of Kingsway Care

This is the vision of Olly Carter, the founder of Kingsway Care, a groundbreaking home care provider operating across Brighton & Hove. He and his dedicated team have created a touching short film in which both caregivers and their clients share their experiences and reflect on the strong bonds they have formed:

Meet Roy and Kerry

“The film was my chance to talk about how wonderful my caregiver Kerry is. She’s a godsend. Every day she comes in and brightens up my world.”

Roy and Kingsway CareGiver, Kerry making Christmas memories

In the film, we meet caregivers and their clients, including 83-year-old Roy, a retired pub landlord from Brighton. Roy lives alone after losing his wife a few years ago. And the feeling is mutual for Kerry, 35, who began caregiving a few years ago:

I love it. I love that every morning I get up in a good mood because I know who I’m going to see, and you know my clients are just lovely. I want them to be happy and I want them to feel cared for. I want them to feel like they’re safe with me.”

Meet Martin and Seb

Meanwhile, Martin, a 42-year-old wheelchair user with cerebral palsy, speaks with touching bluntness about the impact his caregiver has had on his life:

Martin and Senior Kingsway CareGiver Seb

“Seb’s my helping hand; without him, I wouldn’t be able to get in my chair. I’d be stuck in bed all day!”

For Sébastien, a 35-year-old father of two, caregiving transformed his world after many years working in marketing:

Meet, Olly Carter, Kingsway Care’s Founder

Olly Carter, Kingsway’s founder, echoes this drive to find a purpose in life:

“I left a career in IT to set up Kingsway Care three years ago, inspired by my experience of looking after my great aunt Lily and seeing the incredible impact great caregivers could have.”

Olly & Katy day out

Positive Portrayal of Care

Now Carter hopes that this new film, with its positive and honest portrayal of care, will encourage more people with “the right stuff” to enter the profession.

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