Recovering from a Brain Bleed

We are sharing this story to show how complex care at home can improve a stroke survivor’s quality of life and wellbeing, with our home care experts going far beyond making a cup of tea and helping with daily routines. 

haemorhagic stroke

Kingsway Care’s Collaboration with Community Neurological Rehabilitation, Brighton & Hove

Kingsway Care’s collaboration with the Community Neurological Rehabilitation team in Brighton and Hove, is supporting a Client’s recovery from a large intracranial haemorrhage or brain bleed that left him with weakness on the right side and difficulty in communicating.

Denise Kingsway Care Team

Continuing Progress at Home

The  young gentleman was receiving weekly physiotherapy sessions from the dedicated professionals at the Community Neuro Rehab Team in Brighton & Hove. Unfortunately, as he approached the end of his block of sessions funded by the NHS, the need for ongoing care became essential for his continued progress. This is where Kingsway Care stepped in, bridging the gap to ensure uninterrupted support for his rehabilitation at home after a stroke.

Collaborative Care: Planning and Training

The collaboration was initiated when the Rehab Team reached out to Kingsway Care, seeking assistance to continue the crucial physiotherapy sessions beyond the NHS-funded period. Recognising the importance of consistent care, our team engaged in detailed discussions with the Rehab Team over several weeks to understand the Client’s specific needs and requirements.

Physio Sessions at Home

Following comprehensive training and assessments provided by the Rehab Team, including insights into specialised equipment like Leg Splints, Ottobock Slings, and managing muscle twitching (Clonus), Kingsway Care swiftly mobilised to secure additional funding through Adult Social Care. This pivotal step allowed us to expand our support, enabling two physio sessions per week with the involvement of a dedicated team of caregivers.

Boost in Mood, Self-esteem and Mobility

The impact has been profound. With ongoing physiotherapy sessions, our Client has not only maintained the progress achieved with the Rehab Team but has also experienced a boost in mood, self-esteem, and mobility. Physical exercise is not just about recovery; it’s about holistic wellbeing and preserving vital aspects of health, such as maintaining a healthy BMI.

At Kingsway Care, we take immense pride in being part of our Client’s recovery journey. It’s more than just providing care; it’s about forming meaningful connections and empowering a stroke survivor to reclaim their life.

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