Understanding When It’s Time for Home Care

Are You Looking for Home Care?

Deciding when to seek home care for a loved one can be a challenging and emotional process. It’s often triggered by a crisis point, where the need for additional support becomes urgent. At Kingsway Care, we frequently have conversations with families trying to understand when and how to start home care for their loved ones. Watch the video and read this blog as we guide you through the signs to look for and how to start the process of home care.

Identifying the Need For Home Care

When is Crisis Point?

Most people who secure care for their loved ones are usually adult children who notice changes during their visits to see their parents. Some common signs that an older family member may need home care include:

  • Household Management: The house is messier than usual.
  • Personal Hygiene: Not changing clothes regularly.
  • Safety Concerns: Having falls but too afraid to ask for help.

Accepting the need for help is a significant step for many older adults. Our approach is to be informal yet relatable, making the transition easier.

Overcoming the Reluctance to Accept Care

Transitioning to Home Care

It’s a common misconception that finding care is easy and straightforward. Many older adults, especially those with big lives and responsibilities, struggle to accept care due to the fear of losing independence. At Kingsway Care, we recommend starting small to ease into the process:

  • Small Care Packages: Start with a minimal package of four hours a week, split into two-hour visits. This helps build a relationship without overwhelming the client.

For those diagnosed with dementia or unsure about home care, starting small can prevent reaching a crisis point and open avenues for future adjustments. For example, if your loved one has a fall, illness, stroke or hospital stay, Kingsway Care can step in to help with recovery or hospital discharge.

A grateful son's 5 star review for Kingsway Care home care services

Thank you for this grateful son’s five-star review and kind comments about the Kingsway Care team. We’re so happy to lighten his load and care for his wonderful mum.

Supporting Families in Crisis

Recognising the Family’s Limits

The need for care doesn’t just apply to the individual; it also affects the family. Many family members struggle to provide care on their own for a long time before reaching their limits. It’s important to recognise when it’s time to ask for help:

  • Shared Responsibilities: Families can choose to involve Kingsway Care as much or as little as needed.

Initial Meetings and Assessments

Exploring Home Care Options

To help new clients explore home care, Kingsway Care conduct initial meetings. These are less formal than full home care assessments and provide an opportunity to meet a member of the team, ask questions, and discuss concerns.

  • Initial Meetings: We take basic details and have a half-hour discussion to understand your situation better. This helps in making an informed decision before proceeding to a full home care assessment. We’ll leave all the information and documentation for you to read everything and give you time to think about what you would like to do.

Making the Right Decision

Choosing the Right Provider

Choosing the right home care provider is crucial. It’s not just about finding care but finding the care that best suits your needs:

  • Personal Fit: There are many providers out there, but it’s about finding one that matches your circumstances and preferences.

At Kingsway Care, we’re always here to help with advice and support, even if you’re not quite ready for care yet. Feel free to call us and speak to our team about starting a care package.


Starting home care for a loved one is a big decision that requires careful consideration and the right support. At Kingsway Care, we are dedicated to making this transition as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our goal is to provide compassionate care that respects your loved one’s independence while offering the necessary support.

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