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We started Kingsway Care to make a positive difference in our Clients’ lives. The feedback, testimonials, and reviews we receive make it all worthwhile. Kingsway Care is also the Number One home care provider in Brighton & Hove (according to To our amazing CareGivers and wonderful Kingsway Care Clients, Thank You.

Personal Care

I am 74 years old with long-term Multiple Sclerosis.
Having tried various other care agencies, I am delighted with absolutely everything about Kingsway Care and would recommend them in the highest possible terms to anyone who needs personal care.
The Kingsway carers all provide an ideal balance of competence, efficiency, kindness and desire to help. Furthermore, their unfailing great punctuality (much better than all the other agencies I have tried) helps me plan and manage my days.
I book daily sessions with Kingsway. I am delighted to find that when my personal caring takes less than the time slot, which is usually so, the carer is *always* happy to do house-maintenance things to fill up the time. They have done carpet vacuuming, lightbulb exchanging, garden weeding etc. 
What great value Kingsway is.

GR, Hove

I am the wife and housemate/carer of a service user, who is a very satisfied daily client of Kingsway Care. I know that my husband has already submitted a highly favourable report to homecare about the service he receives from Kingsway. I want to endorse that fully and to add my personal reasons for recommending Kingsway. There are three groups of reasons: firstly, the immense improvements brought to my husband’s ability to cope with the practical problems of living with his considerable disability; secondly, the great benefits to me of seeing him thereby happier and positive; thirdly, the spin-off reduction in my own load – the enthusiastic willingness of Kingsway carers to fill in gaps in my husband’s contracted hours by doing domestic tasks (hoovering, dusting, lightbulb replacement, bits of gardening etc) that I either physically cannot do or which take more energy than I am these days able to command, all add up to my very strong recommendation of Kingway Care.

ER, Hove

2020 was a very difficult year with the passing of my lovely wife along with the COVID pandemic. Kingsway Care has been a ray of sunshine in what has been dark times. The staff are ever so kind, compassionate and are willing to go the extra mile to help in any way. I really look forward to every visit from my carer, she knows me so well. We have so many great conversations and I feel so at ease and comfortable. I couldn’t recommend Kingsway Care highly enough.

WV, Ditchling

Twice daily home care

Kingsway Care have been more flexible and caring then any other care provider I have worked with in the past. They concentrate not just on the care but the whole picture. The staff are great and have really looked after me during lockdown and I really look forward to their visits. I love the fact they are local and the manager lives 5 minutes away from me and regularly visits to provide support and advice.

MA, Lancing

Meet Martin: An Inspirational Young Man

Have provided my neighbour with an amazing, caring experience that has helped him massively. They’re always on time and prompt. They also go the extra mile to help him with anything they need. Good attitude and wonderful staff.

HM, Lancing

Personal Care for father

 I am very impressed with Kingsway Care, other agencies do not care enough about clients and this agency go above and beyond to help individuals out and always put us first. Also very impressed they managed to provide myself care last minute on Easter Sunday when no other companies would help me out. I experienced struggles with another agency and my father. Kingsway care stepped in to provide help again. Thank you for everything. Has restored my faith in there being amazing care agencies in the community, 5 stars.

KM, Lancing

Personal Care for Wife

Since having Kingsway Care to look after my wife for personal morning care and medication, afternoon medication and meal preparation I have full reassurance of the care and dedication she has received. The staff are friendly, reliable and professional. Communication is excellent. All queries and concerns are dealt with and received gratefully by an excellent management team.

KF, Worthing

Live-in Care 

The carer is a really kind person and she worked really hard when she stayed with me as my live-in carer. She showed lots of initiative and just saw what needed to be done without me having to ask. She is a good cook and made a delicious bolognese and she was a lot of fun – she can do the splits! Very impressive! It was good to have her as a respite carer and I would be happy to have her return.

EN, Hove

Dementia Care for mother

Kingsway Care is a caring company. I asked for consistent carers for my 91 yr old mother who suffers with dementia. I have been allocated three carers and all three are very good and have noted things that could help mum’s ongoing care. The managers are in contact frequently to keep me and their records up to date, and on hand for any problems that I’m concerned about regarding mum. I fully endorse Kingsway.

LB, Brighton

Home Care

I have found Kingsway care to be so good and kind. They have done all my jobs brilliantly and l am so pleased l found them. They seem to do nearly everything from homecare to looking after the house with doing jobs for me excellent l can’t speak highly enough thank you Kingsway

CT, Peacehaven

Kingsway Care Client Socials

Where possible we love to get Kingsway Care Clients out and about. A favourite is to have ‘Socials’ at our community hub, Kingsway Coffee, just next door to our office. Hear what Clients had to say about our first Fish & Chips Friday Social on the YouTube video below.

Kingsway Care, the leading home care provider in Brighton & Hove is Crowned Business of the Year and Employer of the Year at the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards 2024
Home Care Award Winner 2024. Kingsway Care is the leading independent home care provider in Brighton & Hove. Our Senior CareGiver, Amy, was crowned Rising Star!
Sussex Business Awards Winner Employer of the Year 2023 Kingsway Care. The number one home care provider in Brighton & Hove
Leaders in Care Award Winner
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