What would you love to do?

Maybe you would like a Kingsway CareGiver to check in on you every day, have a chat, share a pot of tea or have fun cooking or making something together?

Or perhaps you need to be accompanied to a hospital or GP appointment? Or possibly you just want a little fun and break in your routine with a trip to the cinema or shops? Let us know what you would love to do!

Kingsway Care Companionship

Active Kingsway Care Clients

Our CareGivers are encouraged to deliver imaginative companionship, so Kingsway Care clients have fun. We aim to match clients with CareGivers who share the same outlook and interests. We plan our rotas to ensure you see the same CareGiver each visit and really get to know each other.

We will introduce you to your Kingsway CareGiver before your care starts. By building a continuous relationship between you and your CareGiver, we know they will be well placed to offer the best possible support.

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Bernard: “My CareGiver, Denise knows me so well. She’s my guardian angel.”

Kingsway Care Client and CareGiver enjoying a home care visit with fun and laughter from the number one home care provider in Brighton & Hove