Dementia Care

Do you need help with Dementia Care?

If you are living with, or have recently been diagnosed with dementia, we can provide specialist support.

In-house dementia training

We offer in-house dementia training with a registered trainer to both CareGivers and family members. We can develop a care plan to suit the needs of the Kingsway Care Client and make adjustments at home to make things easier. For example, improved lighting, swapping drawers for shelves, and placing reminders for where to find things can make daily life easier. We can also call to remind clients about meals and medication. 

Kingsway Care Client Testimonial

Lucy: “Kingsway Care is a caring company. I asked for consistent carers for my 91 yr old mother who suffers with dementia. I have been allocated three carers and all three are very good and have noted things that could help mum’s ongoing care. The managers are in contact frequently to keep me and their records up to date, and on hand for any problems that I’m concerned about regarding mum. I fully endorse Kingsway.”

Kingsway Care Client review


Early Signs of Dementia

  • memory loss
  • trouble planning and organising 
  • losing track of place and time
  • losing things
  • poor personal hygiene
  • changes in mood and personality
  • visual problems
  • speech problems

The early signs of dementia will vary and be different for each person. These early signs can be worrying for the person and family members watching their loved one’s condition progress. Being able to stay living at home surrounded by familiar things can be the best place for the well-being of the person suffering from dementia.

Local dementia charities

We have forged alliances with local groups and charities that are specialists in dementia, including the Alzheimer’s Society and

Both charities encourage everyone to learn more about the condition so that we can understand and support the person living with dementia.

Living with Dementia

Also read our guest blog by Norman McNamara. He was diagnosed with early onset dementia at the age of 50. He shares his experiences of living with dementia and how music can help.

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