Live-In Care

Are you considering 24/7 live-in care?

Kingsway Care has partnered with Elder to help find you the perfect live-in CareGiver. Elder will match you with self-employed carers so you can stay in a place you feel comfortable, connected, and in control – your own home. Click on the Elder logo below to find out more.

What is Live-in Care?

Live-in care enables you to stay in your own home rather than move into a residential care home. A professional CareGiver, lives in their client’s home to help with daily tasks that may have become difficult. They’re available to help throughout the day and at night, if necessary. Some CareGivers live-in all the time, while others work a rota pattern of, for example, two weeks on, two weeks off.

Twenty Four Hour Care

Twenty-four-hour care is an increasingly popular alternative to moving into a care home. It enables you to stay in the comfort of your own home with the peace of mind that someone is there to help. For some people, it offers a way of continuing to live as independently as possible at home, in their local community. 

Who might be suited to Live-in Care?

It might suit you if you need help with:

  • companionship
  • personal care, such as washing and dressing
  • taking medication
  • cooking
  • housework
  • support to manage the risks and safety in the home
  • caring for a pet
  • trips out, such as to the doctor or hairdresser or just for fun
  • continuing to enjoy lifelong hobbies.

Live-in dementia care

Live-in care is also attractive to people who may become confused by a new environment and find it difficult to adapt to change. This particularly applies to people living with dementia where continuity, routine, and familiar surroundings are very reassuring and improve quality of life. Live-in care also provides the supervision that someone living with dementia might need to keep them safe.

Live-in respite care

You may decide, that you only need a carer for a short time, perhaps if you’re recovering from an illness, accident, or operation.

The Advantages

Live-in care gives you the peace of mind that someone is available to help you if there’s a problem. It also offers companionship, reducing the risk of you feeling isolated and lonely. A professional CareGiver can also support you in your interests and hobbies, encouraging you to continue with them wherever possible. This can have positive effects on confidence, happiness, independence, well-being, and quality of life.

Other Home Care options

If you’re not ready for live-in care, Kingsway Care provide care plans tailored to you charged at an hourly rate. Choose from one hour or more and let our big-hearted and reliable CareGivers support you to stay happy, safe, and independent at home.

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