Overnight Care

Do you need overnight support?


Sleeping Nights or Waking Nights Home Care

Overnight care can often be the answer to remaining in your own home for longer, delaying the need for a move into residential care.  Night time care can be provided either as part of an existing package of care or as a service on it’s own.  We have dedicated caregivers who are available to stay with you or your family member overnight.

Sleeping Nights

A Sleeping Night requires an additional bedroom, as the caregiver will need to sleep in your home while being available to support you or your family member once or twice during these hours.  A Sleeping Night offers the ability to manage night time anxiety about being alone, giving peace of mind to the client and their family members.

Waking Nights

A Waking Night requires the caregiver to be available/awake throughout night time hours, providing the necessary care and support in relation to medication, toileting and repositioning, throughout these hours.


The overnight service is typically between 8pm and 8am, although there is flexibility around these times and we can plan times that work best for the client or family member.


Client Testimonial

Katherine: “My Dad lives alone and I was so worried about him being disorientated on his night time trips to the loo. I was having sleepless nights! Knowing a Kingsway CareGiver is there to support him is great peace of mind for myself and Dad.”

Kingsway Care Client and CareGiver enjoying a home care visit with fun and laughter from the number one home care provider in Brighton & Hove