Home Technology & Appliances

Our team of tech-savvy experts are on hand to help!

Modern technologies are incredible and life enhancing. Equally, managing the latest devices can also be both complicated and confusing. If you need help with a repair, a replacement or simply just some friendly user advice, please let us know and our expert team can remove any stresses for you. We specialise in phones, tablets, broadband, smart home devices, televisions, radios, kitchen appliances and more.

We know keeping in touch with friends and family is important and you will need a phone and computer to do so. Our Kingsway Care team is here to support you on an ongoing basis with any tech help you need from recommending phone handsets, computers and tablets and choosing the right tariff. We can also show you how to shop online and keep you aware of scams – see Friends Against Scams www.friendsagainstscams.org.uk

Maxine: “When my TV packed up, I just didn’t know what to buy next. My CareGiver said Kingsway Care could help. I’ve now got a Samsung Crystal UHD 4K HDR Smart TV and a subscription to Now TV. Even my grandkids are jealous!”

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