Transport, Excursions & Holidays

Day trips and holidays

“We’re all going on a summer holiday”

Did you know that we offer support outside your home too? Some of our clients enjoy a change of scene from time to time. You might enjoy a visit to the cinema or a trip to the theatre or a promenade along the seafront with ice cream. Or how about joining an afternoon tea dance? Tell us what you would love to do and we will arrange it for you.

Maybe you have something bigger in mind and you’re dreaming of a UK mini-break, a foreign holiday, or an overseas cruise trip of a lifetime? We can cater to any special requirements that may be overlooked by mainstream providers. We will also match you with a CareGiver to keep you company and assist you when needed.

Violet: “I hadn’t been on holiday for years and was desperate for a change of scene. I didn’t think it would be possible because travel insurance is so high. But Kingsway Care arranged four nights in Devon, along with Karen, their CareGiver, to look after me. I used to go there as a child and it was great to go back.”

Eating Ice-Cream on a holiday